Super Rusty

So I haven’t really played KI in a few weeks and just returned, and boy does it show. I’m really rusty and trying to get back to competency. Haven’t had this happen in a while.
Do any of you all remember trying to get back into a game after a long hiatus?

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I broke my arm on November, and couldn’t play again until February. The Shago army hit me hard XD

The long hiatus was even worse since my arm and hand mobility was(and still is at some point) damaged, so I struggled a lot trying to recover my previous level. With some characters, I still struggle since repeated DP’s hurts my arm.

I dropped a lot combos, and I even valorated using Combo assist indefinitely. After some time, I managed to overcome the situation. I’m not the same as before the accident, but I’m confident about my skills, and I succeeded against the hiatus


Good for you, dude.

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So I just went into ranked with Aganos and won 2-0 for 3 matches in a row against gold and killer players. Guess I’m starting to get back my spark :dizzy:

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Was this back before shago got nerfed?

I’m in the middle of a break what with all the games coming out right now. Tried playing once though a week ago and this was my reaction:

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I couldn’t play as Shago for two months since his release due my injury.

I tried him for a while one handed. Not fun xD

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Wow. You use a controller or arcade stick?

Sounds like it hurt more than your injury.

Personally, long breaks were not a problem for me. My longest break was a month long, and I just needed few evenings to dust off my muscle memory.

What DOES hurt my performance is playing too much though. Like, when I am getting rekt and Im bent of making up for it immediately, resulting in domino of failures. This is the time I need a few days off.