Super Mario Run for iPhone First Gameplay Revealed

And Nintendo’s stock rockets further.

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I got excited when I heard about Mario coming to iOS but then lost interest when I realized it was an auto-running platformer. Maybe next time, Nintendo!

My man is slumming it out with Sonic on stupid mobile games. Rough times, man, rough times.

iPhone? No thank you.

Would it be a better game on Android?

Until the makers of the game remove the jump function, making the most important function of the game useless because they thought it was overpowered and 60% of the user base drops it like a pebble in a river. Or the jump function was straining the servers.

Hahahaha NO.

Odd. Nintendo tends to pride themselves on being different & unique, but yet they’re making auto-run game #976 for phones.


Everyone wants that mobile game money, now that Pokemon Go showed there’s at least potential. Even Sony has made mention of possibly trying to get in on it now.

They could have made a Mario Maker app that let people use their iPhones and iPads to make levels for Mario Maker.

Or they could have made a new Paper Mario or Mario RPG. Instead they come out with this zero creativity Mario game. I must say I’m disappointed.

It does not surprise me, if it’s a test it’s good enough. Mario’s clones get decent ammount of downloads. It’s good money and of course old good game companies want a share of it.

I’m actually looking forward to it. Will be 1st on iOS but will also come to Android, if I’m not mistaken.

I see dark times ahead for Nintendo.