I have a couple of ideas that I think would make the rank matches more interesting.

I think we should get rid of the current rank system. Without being too harsh, it is way too easy to reach the killer rank for any average player including myself. I could fight a killer who plays extremely good and some others who are the opposite of it. It is not so frustrating but that is making the matchmaking system horrible for any players that would like to play against people who are the same caliber as them. I think in the first season the idea was simple and was hard to achieve for any casual players. In season 2, when you achieve the rank of killer it barely means anything but that you will have a 2 out of 3 match against your opponent. I would also suggest to get rid of the current top 32 system because it is only base on how many games you have play and not how good you are which is harder to evaluate. It could be nice to have a tournament section for the online play. You could by example decide to join a tournament for the ranks 1-10, 11-20, 21-25, 26-32, 33-40 or something like that depending on what rank. It would make it interesting to see your progression that way. It could also be useful to have your opponent information during the loading screen before the match starts. Like the wins/losses with the character he or she chooses. The idea of the 2 out of 3 matches were good but i think it should be optional. It could be a different kind of match. We could add new modes too like a first to 5 or 10 mode against players who are the same rank as yours. I think that what i really want from KI is to give the player a more personal experience with the character he chooses to play with. And adding new modes would also includes new stats as, how many tournaments did i win in the 11-20 ranks, how many ft10 have i won with this character, etc. If you agree or disagree with some of my ideas let me know so that we can suggest better things to add <3