Suggestions To Kim Wu's Ultimate

Good day people how are you? are you ok? i’m back with a new discussion of suggestions to characters ultimate and this time what we talk about how Kim Wu’s ultimate should be? i have a suggestion and i will put below the suggestion of one of my friends to, he in case is a usual player of Kim Wu, so i decided to bring it here, and again, i want to know your suggestions too, any healthly dialogue will be welcome.

My Suggestion: First Kim do any attack on the oponent to launch her/him to ma far distance, so she fires in the enemy’s direction a great dragon that wraps the victim and began to stare at his/her face, causing the victim to do a horror expression and to end the act, the dragon swallows the opponent but when it touches the victims body, he explodes in a blue smoke covering all the screen, in the end, the camera shows the stage with a bit of blue smoke near the floor and Kim Wu doing her moves with nunchaku but ends with a accidental hit in the head.

My Friend’s Suggestion: Simply she executes her combos with medium linkers to dash the opponnent into the screen corner and summons 1 or 2 dragons to take the victim away.

I hope to see great finishers in the future, and discuss this can be a way to do “our part”, so… what do you think about these suggestions? and you? any idea? just put in the comments below, have a nice day ^_^.

Anything to add Kim Wu’s nunchaku Bruce Lee style.

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Kkkkk so kawaii

Wow did someone hear a confirmation this game is getting any more support that I didn’t?

I thought

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K.I deserves all support possible, it’s the best fighting game actually.

Do you feel it deserves a new overhaul
Or you would like it to stay in its current form where characters are 2014 level

Just asking for a friend

The gameplay is immaculate but it’s due for a new iteration visually
I know there are some who’d prefer it stay like it is today with no updates

It’s just the natural flow of technology …

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For now i wish a season 4, a new season would bring more stages, more characters: Tsar, Wombat, Mer’ik and others (i will explain who is Wombat if you ask for it) a new story mode that concludes once for all the lore of the game and more stage ultras, for now the game must be complete to after come a sequel, and i do not forget in Shadow Lords the arc of Eyedol, it’s still indisponible.

Ok fair enough.
I have hopes that there is a new complete game in pre-production.
All the moves are there, the characters rigs/ hair/ costumes just need finessing

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