Suggestion to remove late Lockout icon/sound

I posted this split between multiple twitter posts, but figured I’d compile the thought here so…

I feel perhaps some of people’s frustration regarding counter break attempts, and why some people are saying they’re either “broken” or “not working now,” comes from when you attempt one, see a lockout icon and hear the “Lockout” because your opponent broke late, but you’re left recovering from your counter attempt, and can get punished for it.

With the latest change to counter breakers, we’re told to “read” and attempt to counter break before our opponent combo breaks, which makes sense to me. But in this situation we do just that, yet we aren’t rewarded with a counter breaker even though our opponent did attempt to combo break. The problem is that they attempted outside their break window, and we’re still in our recovery frames, leaving us open for punishment. Being punished for reading an opponent correctly is disheartening to say the least.

In the attached image, I went into training mode and recorded the computer attempting to counter break. I attempted to break late on each different strength. On each strength the lockout icon appears, the lockout sound plays, and the computer winds up in a punishable position. On the light break attempt, the computer opponent is thrown, and the “Punishment” icon appears. On the medium break attempt, the computer opponent is elbowed in the face, and the “Punishment” icon appears. On a heavy break attempt, I wound up popping instinct, which if followed up would of course punish the computer opponent. I have video of each happening if anyone winds up interested in seeing it in action as well.

Perhaps the answer is to simply remove the lockout icon/sound on late combo break attempts when there’s no longer a combo happening. The player attempting a counter break won’t even know that their opponent attempted, won’t get frustrated at the game mechanics or curse some random developer, and wont feel frustrated for being punished for something that they did right. Or perhaps lessen the counter breaker recovery frames. Though an overall lessening of recovery frames would, I’m sure, lead to many more issues. Thoughts?