Suggestion regarding parry

This is kind of a simple suggestion, but I’ve noticed that during play…well, I really can’t tell if I’m actually using parry or not when it’s equipped. if there’s a visual cue to it, it’s very subtle. Could we perhaps get something with a bit more flash…like…well, a flash, a particle effect, maybe even go so far as to have the announcer call it out (yeah I know that one would be a stretch)?

Totally agree. One or both of those things will be happening at launch. :slight_smile:


Good to hear, was thinking the same.

Cool. Would be good to have an audio cue for parry as well, as even though I’ll have to play this mode with sighted help for the current version at least, I’ll be able to tell within fights when I’ve done it successfully. Also useful for the mp mode when that comes out

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Oh sweet - was just posting about this. Great!

I don’t suppose making the parry a direction and a button wouldn’t be too much to ask would it?

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It happens even faster than in these gifs, but I think it should maybe have a blue spark, with a different sound effect.


In the second gif, is your little scorpion doing a tail sting when you Perry? That would count as a tell (visual que)