Suggestion: one of Sadira's assassin friends as a KI character

I would love if one of the female assassins standing in the background of Sadira’s stage to become a playable character in KI. I really don’t have any other wishes but for the sake of argument I put some broad ideas below.

To be honest I am more interested in the idea of this ally(?) of Sadira being a KI character than any of the ideas I have below. But feel free to discuss these as well.


  1. My suggestion would be that this character has a totally different gameplay style than Sadira to keep character diversity. No clone character, something that IG is very capable of realizing.

2.Maybe this could be a whip toting character for a mid range game. But maybe some long range pokes too? I am thinking single whip permanently but could also be double whip. Or switch between using one or two whips.

The following are mostly if character has two whips:
3. If the character wields two whips (just an idea) then then take j-HP away from Kan-Ra and give it to her, of course giving Kan-Ra something else to complement his setup/trap game.

4.Wielding two whips means the character could attack constantly from a distance but perhaps cannot walk forward during the attack with both whips as a trade-off (she is grounded).

5.Maybe she can attack using only one whip low/medium and swinging the other above her head as an anti-air if an opponent jumps over the low attack.

6.Perhaps, certain enders or maybe normals can rotate the opponent, I don’t like random elements like Omen’s fireball, but maybe the rotation can leave your opponent randomly facing backwards for cross ups (similar but not the same as Thunder’s Throw Backward exchange linker).

7 .In instinct the whips are combined to make a stronger harder hitting version, maybe even turn it into a pole. Hitting the ground (and missing your opponent) works maybe like a pole jumper like for example Kilik from soul calibur would do where I believe he had a move where he would lift himself upside down and then when coming down he would do an unblockable vertical hit.

8.She can hit multiple hits of same strength in sequence but the timing is key. Mashing or missing the timing results in her whips getting tangled(?) (you lock yourself out?). An awkward timing would give longer combos, while pressing buttons in same interval is easier but gives less and shorter damaging combos.

Story/appearance. Not too much here:

  • It would maybe provide material to tie into Sadira’s story if this character was a bodyguard or spy.
  • Maybe if this assassin is a spy and her identity is revealed, then it gives a nice excuse to change her look/costume to NOT look like Sadira at all. A blonde is all that is missing (sorry Maya, extensions don’t count)?
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