Suggestion how to (re)approach Killer Instinct

Hi guys,
I played KI for a couple of months during S1 and now I want to come back because I miss the game so much.
The problem is that I have a ton of new information to know, new character to learn (expecially for a match-up perspective) and a lot to train.

Can you give me some suggestion on how to relearn the game?

Take a good read of this, then hit into exibition against a friend/shadow lab against one character of your choice(for example, TJ). Once you have an idea of how he/she works, go for the next.

I would suggest you to try each new character to get a good idea of their strenghts and weakness. Give them 10 minutes of training mode just messing with their specials and normals. Do not jump into ranked until you know what each character is capable to do.


Shadow Lab? How does it work?

Shadow lab lets you fight against “shadows”, which is a special new AI mode that tries to imitate how a player plays. You create a “shadow” and you train it by letting it study matches that you’ve played (after each ranked match, if you’ve set up a shadow for that character, you are given the option to save that match to your shadow data).

The goal is that the AI shadow character ends up playing pretty similar to how YOU play, by studying and then emulating your habits, your combos, etc. It actually works pretty darn well.

The nice thing is that you can challenge other people’s shadows as well. So if you’re looking for a risk-free way to play human-like opponents without going into ranked, you can go to shadow lab, pick a character you want to play against, and then challenge some shadows that have been uploaded for that character. You’re only allowed to play characters that you have created a shadow yourself for, though (which IMO is a very unfortunate limitation of the system), but it still works really well.


Another thing you could do is to go into the news section of this site and look up all of the game update announcements that you missed and look at the patch notes - this will give you a pretty good idea of what new mechanics there are and what has changed for individual characters. :wink:

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@Infilament putting in that work! Lol

Seriously though, we’re a very supportive bunch. If you have anymore questions or need people to practice against, just ask.

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Learn Sadira… Profit.

And what character do you suggest me to learn?
In Season 1 I dig some Sabrewulf and Thunder but my favorite KI characters are Cinder and Fulgore.

However, some of the new character seems nasty so, what do I do?

That, friendo, depends almost entirely on how you want to play. Every character had their own unique style, and every single one of them has proven to be tournament viable.
If you liked Sabrewulf and Thunder in Season 1, it’s probably wise to stick to them since they both have awesome toolkits and relatively fat damage even after the changes. For characters with a similar style (i.e. CQB Rushdown/Grappling) Riptor and Rash are both in the same ballpark as Sabrewulf, while Hisako has a ton of different grabs and range that could sit well with Thunder’s style.
Fulgore and Cinder lean more towards zoning with some of the more aggressive elements mixed in, so if you pick them up it’ll require a major change in tactics. They can be quite rewarding, however.

Just my two cents, though. Feel free to jump around the cast and experiment to see what you like!

I played the whole cast and made my decision based on the characters I had the most fun with. Try that?

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Just play with whichever character(s) you like. If you like Fulgore and Cinder then play some Fulgore and Cinder. I always find it more enjoyable to play with characters I actually like and want to play as instead of forcing myself to play a character people tell me is good.

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I recommend Hisako :slight_smile::thumbsup:

I think Shadows can be a good place to kind of hop back in and get your feet wet. I don’t personally try out every character in the cast (I have zero desire to play Kan-Ra, Glacius, and a host of other characters), but I did watch all their reveal streams and such so I tend to know what all characters are capable of. If you know what archetypes you like and don’t, then there really isn’t a need to really try out everyone IMO.