Suggestion for Omen

As a shadowy character, made of shadow, with a larger shadow meter, it seems to me like Omen should have at least ONE shadow ender for his combos.
I don’t mind that his shadow rashakuken doesn’t work like Spinal’s or Jago’s shadow projectile, but rather creates little balls that fly out one by one, or that his shadow orda makes little orbiting balls around him. But during a combo, I wish both or either of these abilities could be used as enders. Oddly, using either of these abilities during a combo will immediately drop the combo instead of ending it… Unlike all other command moves in the game.

Omen seems to do less damage overall (presumably to balance his larger shadometer and abundance of battery enders), so I don’t think it would throw things completely out of whack to give him a shadow ender or two… Seems fitting in fact. It might even be the thing that gets people to stop asking for Omen improvements.

Please make Omen’s shadow rashakuken and/or shadow orda a combo ender. I feel a distinct lack of style and flowing, intuitive function with how these shadow abilities currently work during combos.

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The thing os that all his enders are battery enders and those never have a shadow version. Would be kind of silly to spend a bar doing an ender and get it back instantly. Would be a free shadow move basically and it could make all other enders useless.

Since Omen is made of shadows, Rash should be able to eat him. That makes it a 10-0 matchup for Rash but it’s ok because nobody plays Omen anyways

His shadow enders wouldn’t have to be battery enders.
Look at Thunder’s Sammamish ender. The normal version is a launcher ender, but the shadow sammamish is a damage ender.

I’d love to see Omen get a wall-splat from a shadow rashakuken ender. Maybe a hard knockdown from a shadow Orda ender.
I see the wisdom behind his lack of damage enders. I think that should stay as is.

My bad, what was I thinking?! Glacius has a batterie ender that isn’t no longer one in its shadow version.

Since Omen is Shadow, just give him the ability to extend his limbs.

They would have to be extremely damaging to be worth spending meter on because since you’re giving up the battery enders you’re technically spending two bars for it. If the shadow ender did any less than Kan-ra’s shadow grab you’d be much better off saving it for mix ups, resets, and shadow forms.

I think any shadow ender, when used with all four combometer pips, is always pretty damaging.
Simply giving us the option of sacrificing meter for a little more damage, if that’s what some players prefer, would be a nice thing. Damage is, after all, what accomplishes the end goal of winning the match.
Plus, often that little bit of extra damage is enough to push them over the edge and win, making meter irrelevant.