Suggestion for lull period after Omens

So I just finished my first playthrough, and I have to say, overall I really enjoyed myself. I liked the various story and crafting elements, and the pace of the game when I had first started. However, I found myself getting bored after a few hours. I had already clear all Omens that held a pc of Gargos’ power, and I was waiting for something new and unexpected to come up after that. Maybe more cinematic story elements? Maybe a second wave of Omens? Maybe Kan-Ra betraying you somehow? Or ARIA betraying the cause somehow? But nothing ever came.

That being said, I have a suggestion:

I feel like maybe there should be a second event icon on the side bar (where Omen’s icon is when a continent gets that corrupt), but midway between where Omen and Gargos is - where instead of Omen, there’s a ? mark. And each playthrough, something different could happen. It could be one of the things I suggested (Kan-Ra/ARIA betraying you, Second wave of Omens, something cinematic, etc); or maybe something like a huge surge of shadow energy comes down from portals, and heightens the corruption on all continents at once, seriously crippling your overall progress of getting a handle on world wide corruption.
OR I was thinking of a cool sub boss idea. Like maybe all of the astral material youve been giving Kan-Ra at his emporium has been secretly collected by him to be used to try and resurrect Eyedol; and when you hit the ? mark, he succeeds! This being the “weapon” to defeat Gargos he spoke of in the intro. Except Eyedol doesnt cooperate and starts reeking havoc, making him an unexpected sub boss. Maybe from there you can have Eyedol side missions before you fight him - where he’s corrupted Gargos’ mimics into his own? (Giving them a red hue instead of a green one?) Just an idea. Furthermore when you do fight him, if you win in a special way (ultra combo or w/e), maybe you can have an option of having him join your team to get vengeance on Gargos? Just a thought…

These are just some thoughts of ways to spice up the gameplay midway through. Because I think there is definitely a lull period where things just become mundane and repetitive. After a while I just stopped trying and let Gargos come just so I can have a change of pace lol. Anyway, thoughts?

I like your idea about an extra ? Around the 75% mark for a sub boss or something (Boss Jago)?

Eyedol one is the best choice. Since that way I can get rid of two parasites instead of one.