Suggestion: Dont sabotage KI for PC by forcing Microsoft products on fans

I, and others, were scared you all would force Microsoft products and services on fans of KI buying the game for PC. The recent changes to the forum confirms our suspicions. Looks like I can’t even get on my old KI forums account because Microsoft wants to force their new product on everyone

Do you really want to go down this road again? Let’s face it, Microsoft is not a competent company overall. Are you going to force users to install Windows 10, which is receiving tons of negative feedback from the community for telemetry, data mining, constant uploading of user data to Microsoft, and advertisements? Are you going to force them to buy it from the Windows Marketplace which most people never heard of? Are you going to force them to use a Live account or whatever new monstrosity Microsoft is concocting this time to give their Games for Windows Live fiasco another shot, which haunts gamers to this day?

Don’t be surprised when the game isn’t a hit. Everyone who voted for KI for PC specifically stated they didn’t want the typical Microsoft bastardization packaged along with it like pork barrel legislation, yet it looks like it’s here again. Just don’t blame PC gamers or your fans. We told you what needed to be done for success. We want it to be success. We want this game really, really bad. But we don’t something that’s designed to fail so Microsoft recoup from their mistakes on other products and services.

Agreed. The mandatory Live account on the new forums is ridiculous.

About that, I’ve asked myself why didn’t the developers release the game via Steam or just giving it a try before going on the road for the Xbox Application. Can someone enlighten me?

Because its a free to play game and steam would get a good portion of the money of any sales of the game, don’t expect to see Microsoft f2p games on steam.

I don’t agree with this topic overall, Microsoft was forcing you to have an Xbox one if you want to play KI and now they are giving you an option more and people are complaining?

It’s not that we want to complain, it’s that if you sabotage the game, it won’t do well. It’s less of a complaint, and more of a fact of life or a warning. And free to play doesn’t mean it’s a free game. People want to spend money, even pay full price for a good game. But if you sabotage it, they won’t get the opportunity to do so. This type of pork barrel product consolidation never works.

Considering the fact that KI is being optimized for Windows 10, to answer your question, yes. Windows 10 is the only reason that this game will allow for cross compatibility between PC and the xbox one via the xbox app.

Wow, shots fired.

Killer Instinct is a game commissioned and owned by Microsoft and co-produced by Microsoft Studios for Microsoft platforms. I think if you can’t muster any kind of faith in Microsoft-developed software frameworks, then I have to question whether you should be picking up this game at all.

The live account and marketplace stuff is in place for a reason: all KI-related content is cross-buy, which surely means “tied to your Live account”. If that mechanism is there already, why would you also want Steam hooks bogging down your executable? Does Steam offer any desirable features at all? Does it even provide reliable exposure anymore these days? (That last question is purely rhetorical, because surely we all know it doesn’t.)

Large corporations can’t afford to blame PC gamers for their bullshit, but I sure can. You can leverage your acrimony to prevent the industry from trying any one given thing to get ahead, but when there are only three major game releases every year, you’ll be left raging into an abyss and you’ll have nobody to blame but yourselves.

Will it be Windows 10 only? Likely. It is their current OS that they are actively supporting.

Will it be on Steam? Likely not, nor should it be. I’m a huge steam fan (1200+ games) but even I realize why it won’t be on the platform, and it isn’t because of MS. Steam’s policies for how dlc work would cut deeply into MS’s revenue and such policies are why EA went the Origin approach. Additionally, it’s cross-buy. How are they going to do that? By linking everything to your Live account. The MS Marketplace greatly facilitates this cross-buy approach and streamlines the entire thing.

Why are they using the Live accounts as the auth provider for the forums? If the windows players and the console players are all using live accounts, why wouldn’t the forum for the game also use them?