[Suggestion] Auto replay share system

As a new ki player i watch high level matches to learn how to deal with certain situations and how can i improve myself. But not always i can find a source. There is not a lot of ki footage on youtube and even less footage of my character. So as a solution to lack of footage sources why dont ig implament a system where the game records high level players’ games and make them avaible(without giving their name if player doesnt want to be revealed) for other players. We’d be greatful as n00bs

I know SF4 used a feature such as this. While a great idea overall, for me personally, I never really used it, because at the time of playing that game, I felt like they were at such a high level, that there was no way that I could possibly duplicate the things they were doing. So, in other words, it’s not going to be for everybody.

Doesnt matter if its not going to be for everybody… Its a good easy and efficent way to solve lack of game footage problem… Only tournament matches are usefull on the internet but even those are outdated since they are all in s2. I need to watch and learn all the dirty set ups of kan ra and take my opponents souls NIHEHEHEHEHEEHE

Even with their names not being mentioned, there are going to be people who don’t want their tech getting out there that helps give them an inherent advantage, which is something that your idea would do.

Despite moving into S3, there’s still a lot of stuff that you can use that’s relevant that’s shown in videos. Alternatively, you can do what I do - go into the lab and try stuff yourself, or go online and find someone who uses your character that you like better than you do, and openly start a dialogue with them. There’s plenty of people in this very community that I’m sure will be happy to help you, if you were only to ask. :wink:

Well thats a problem not worth mentioning, they can just select the option to not share their replays… But i dont know why would they do that since they show their tech to their opponant anyway. And replays are stored too. And just hiding your name will be enough for pro players to counter ‘downloading’. My problem is lack of game footage. No one can just tell me how to play kan ra and boom i am a better at kan ra. I need to see. Although the community is very helpful and friendly i dont always get a useful answer. Replay would be easier and time efficent

Inadvertantly showing your “hidden” tech to 1 opponent is a far cry from having it posted publicly to millions of users. Trust me, it makes a difference. Once that tech is out there in the wild on a large scale, you’ll start seeing it regularly on a large scale. This improves competition and breeds similar players, which the original player with said “hidden” tech will want to keep to themselves, because it’s what makes them unique and stand out, and win. Sleep was a good example of this, when he 1st came onto the scene with his Kan Ra - he was doing things that nobody knew Kan Ra could even do (although he didn’t try to keep it a secret, since he was on the tourney scene).

As for getting info from others, it’s tedious, I admit, but having real-time explanations and time in a private exhibition with said person, can make all the difference in the world, especially since you can try their tech right then, with them.

I dont think everyone is afraid of sharing tech or gameplay

You’re quoting yourself? Interesting…

I didn’t say everyone. :wink:

Okay. So you are sayin NOT EVERYONE WOULD LIKE TO SHARE BUT SOME MIGHT DO right? Yes thx that is enough. And im sure majorty will share their replays. Why are you still against it then? No one would complain if they agree to share their replays. Does it hurt you in any way? no Why are you still trying to stay against that idea is what i dont really understand. An extra feature is a bad thing? Dont make me quote/repeat myself pls. Having this feature is better than not having it. I though ki community would like to improve its players’ skill level? This is a way of doing it; Providing Source for worse players. so What do you want instead? Unless all high skill level players suddenly want to make videos i dont see any better way.

Something similar to SFV would be cool. Where it allows you to look up other players within the game and allows you to watch all of their replays, this would be perfect for what you are asking for I think. Though I kind of agree with @GalacticGeek, so I think it should probably be optional.

In a recent interview Xian said “If you share your tech, then you have no tech” and he made some really good points in that video

So yeah, it would be a cool option to have, but some of the tourney guys might not want to do that since it would expose all the stuff they have found to everybody.

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I’d love to see a replay save to avi or something would cut the hassle out trying to record clips

As soon as I heard about / saw the replay tech in SFV, I was immediately a bit jealous and wanted that in KI. There a lot of channels on YT that upload replays of top player sets for SFV using this, and it would be awesome if people could do something like this in the KI community.

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Yeah it would be pretty cool, that way you can look at other people who play your character and see how they handle certain things under certain situations and potentially learn from things by watching them

Since you don’t understand, I’m going to make this absolutely and perfectly clear for you.


…I’ve merely been playing the part of devil’s advocate for the sake of discussion. :wink:

Seriously? Wow. I dont see how that would help more than “YEAH MAN they should totally make this! This would solve lack of game footage in an easy and efficent way! This is amazing!” but thx for the effort. Sorry by the way. all the things you said i couldnt understand that in fact you werent against the idea. I mean you need to be perfectly clear to me to understand. It was really obvious that you supported the idea from our useless discussion about sharing tech(although there is already a solution for that and its really not worth even mentioning). But i guess you helped keeping thread alive with it.