Suggestion: Add an Audio Notification when a match is Ready

I play on PC and this would be a nice quality of life change.

Anything will do. “Killer!”, “Time for Battle!”, or “Your mother went to College!”

Sometimes I may have the windows minimized or I step away briefly. Please add this to all the online modes. Thanks!

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free hits? that’s good for us.

you snooze you lose, buddy

Of you could pay attention :slight_smile:

It doesn’t take that much time to find a match does it? Just commit to playing when you hit search and you won’t have that problem.

It wouldn’t be free hits, the match just won’t be played since you wouldn’t ready up. Lol

It takes a little longer if you’re playing at night time.

Nonetheless, there is no audio cue at ALL. I’m looking at a stream with KI off to the side and accidentally would not ready up due to this. KI has many features that other fighting games normally don’t include. BUT those fighting games have an audio notification feature. So KI can at the very least add it as well. Not to mention this is a basic feature in PC multiplayer games.

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If you’re going to multi-task like that, you should make sure to have a way to keep a check on your matchmaking yourself. Turn up the audio on the game a little, it does say “Welcome” and changes the music when you find a match so you could balance that with whatever stream you’re watching.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll raise the announcer sound level in options. Didn’t realize it says “Welcome”. Seems like its too low at default.

It would be better to do it like League of Legends were the game would automatically fullscreen when it’s your turn to pick character or a game is about to start.

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From double checking, there is NO notification when playing Exhibition.

Just Ranked (No idea for lobbies though, haven’t checked).


When you alt tab away from the KI window, the game’s audio mutes entirely so for those of us who can’t seee or people using a window in full screen on the same computer, this wouldn’t be possible (I don’t think at any rate). If it were, it’d be an interesting idea.

I like the concept, just not sure whether it’s actually possible on PC.