Suggestion about Ultimates

First of all, bravo on Shadow Jago. I haven’t played him yet, but I’ve watched his gameplay. He looks very fun and has his own unique flavor. Once again you’ve given us something totally new. I applaud the effort you guys put into him. He has also served to bring some people back to the game. I think tiny hints about upcoming characters would keep the community salivating.

About Shadow Jago’s Ultimate, I think it’s just a tad too difficult to do. I think that being able to combo into it would not be unreasonable. You’ve already accomplished a supreme victory, but instead of the buttons for Ultra, just let us input the buttons for his Ultimate.

This would only apply to the Ultimate, mind you, not the special move. That’s powerful enough that you should have to catch the opponent at just the right time.

As it stands, his incredibly cool Ultimate animation is simply seen too seldom, as it is usually too risky to bother with.
Thank you!

You can combo into it…

Really? I thought they said you cannot… Or am I just thinking about the special move??

Well if that’s the case, please regard this thread as positive feedback for a job well done.

Annihilation is the move that can’t be comboed into… but it turns the screen black like the Ultimate so I can definitely see the source of the mixup!

I like Shago too, very fun to play :smile: