Suggested Changes for S3 going forward

Sup errbody? With S2 coming to a close, we all know it’s time for lots of changes in the future of KI going forward. We’ve had ups and downs, a whole lotta broken $hit, moments of Hype,moments of Rage, and too much salt on the table to go around. But don’t lose hope just yet. That’s why I’m here; To lose hope FOR you! #kappa

Character Rebalancing
The thing that everybody loves to hate, especially if your Main suffers from a hard nerf. It happens…all the time, it’s just about adapting to the new changes and welcoming them as a challenge. Well here are my thoughts for S3.

No Changes
A solid character with fundamentals at his core. No changes needed.

-Negate Damage buff in Instinct
In Instinct, he gets to Lv.4 waaay too fast. The Feral Cancels already make sure he’s almost guaranteed to get in at some point, and his 2-hit Heavy Linkers are hard enough to break as is since they don’t follow the 3-hit linker norm. I understand that Wulf has to work to get in, but the Damage Buff combined with FCs makes committing for damage a little non-existent.

-Buff Instinct
Glacius’s Instinct mode is…for lack of any better words…kinda worthless. In high-level play, it’s easily played around using throw tactics and multi-hitting projectiles. And it takes too long to respawn the armor…for 1 hit…yep…buff needed.

No Changes
As a Grappler, Thunder has all the tools needed. Dat command grab tho…#NOFRAMESNOPROBLEM.

-In Instinct, prevent Heavy Autos from being used accidentally when inputting Web Traps in combos.
Even the Trap Queen has shortcommings and this is one of them. Other than that, She’s been adjusted enough imo.

-In Instinct, prevent Heavy Autos from being used accidentally when inputting Fire Cats in combos.
Same as Sadira, It’s just annoying for those of us who main them.

No Changes…Yet.
Idk what could be changed for the Undead Warrior, but I feel something needs adjusting…I’m just really not sure what.

No Changes
What more could you want? Very solid all around, nothing broken, no need to fix it. Good job Keits.

TJ Combo
-Adjust Free Powerline Counter Breakers
It’s about as free as free can get…And that’s bull$hit imo. Nothing against the Devs, but this is a little ridiculous how long this has been in the game.

-Adjust Pip gain from Dagger pressure
-Reduce Damage from Dagger Ender by 10%
-Add new Attacks to spend Dagger Pips
With Fulgore’s Devastation Beam back in S1, It was kinda cute since you only got to use it once most if the time since your meter was precious.With Maya It’s downright annoying. That much damage is ridiculous off of a 3-Hit combo and even more so if you’ve been mixed-up for potential damage to get to level 4. It esssentially means you wil almost always take 50% AT LEAST…and that sucks. On another note, She needs a way to spend pips I think. Maybe spend pips for meter or a small buff or something.

-Reduce 1-Chance Breaks
-Reduce the hitstun and/or number of hits on scarabs
-Increase Damage Scaling on Scarabs
Them Scarabs tho…the unbreakability is ridiculous. 1-chance, 1-break attempt…all of it to be potentially counterbroken. Too frustrating to deal with Scarab pressure? Too bad! wanna Shadow Counter through? I hope you believe in miracles coz’ you gon’ need one hommie!

-Include a better way to deal with Poking pressure & Crossups
Poor Riptor…Master of the mix-up, but sure can’t take one. Rip’s wide hitbox ensures that she stays a punching bag when it come to cross-ups on wake-up. With Back-Run HK as her best tool for stuffing jump-ins, her defensive options when being pressured are limited. Like any Mix-up Character, If you know how to block them, they’ll probably lose, and Rip is no different. Gimmicks are the name of her game living the low tier life, I just wish she didn’t have to work so hard for so little. I’m hoping she gets the Wulf treatment with something to make her pressure options safer, just not as crazy.

-Include better wake-up options
I don’t think Omen will be getting too many adjustments in the future since he’s a bonus for S2,(In similar vein to S1 Shago). But if he needs anything, It’s better wake-up tools…and Orda Shield ain’t one of em.

No Changes
People should understand that Aganos is a good character in the right hands. Fundamentals are necessary when playing Aganos, and I think he’s just a bit misunderstood. I don’t think he needs much, but maybe he could use an true anti-air to stop jump-in pressure.

-Include better wake-up options
Another misunderstood character in a sea of Jago Soup…Her full potential hasn’t been realized just yet by all. Her Counters are nice, but not good for wake-up in high-level play. Maybe her backdash should be adjusted for wake-up escapes, but if not, maybe she should have a Shadow Web Cling equivalent.

-Adjust Fireflash spam in Instinct
-Adjust Trailblazer to visually represent strengths being used
Frame traps and obnoxious trailblazer air combos aside, Cinder’s pretty solid as a character. His damage output is kinda bad, but his frame traps more than make up for it. In Instinct, Fire Flash pressure is pretty obnoxious. you can’t Shadow Counter it, because if the opponent commits to the second FF you’ll get beaten out by FFs invincibility and then juggled for an air combo. Other than that, the fireman’s pretty good.

-No Auto-loss if main body is killed in In Instinct
-Include Body switching at the start of the match
Imo, Aria’s Instinct isn’t strong enough to warrant an auto-loss when your body is killed off. It just seems like another liability that keeps you from using it because you could risk the match for it. Even if you keep all of your bodies alive, If their health individually is below 30%, the risk is too high to pop Instinct at low life even though it’s suppose to help with your “Comeback Factor”. On the subject of comeback factor, I think adjusting beforehand is just as important. Which leads me to body switching before the fight; It’s a tool that could prove useful for the match-up at hand. A preemptive switch unique, only to her on the battlefield, to prey on the opponent’s inherent weaknesses… DATS MAAHVEL BABY!

Now that rebalancing is outta the way, let’s talk about cool $hit…

Revamping Ranked Leagues
Just Imagine it for a second…you’ve all been there before…the scrub life…
Salt raining from the sky…
You jump in Ranked for the first time, and get your a$$ handed to you on a silver platter by some High-Tier A$$hole…It hurts

Story of your life when you started Ranked Leagues. Which is why I think RL needs to be changed for the newcomers. Batting Lv.50 players when you first start out is discouraging and can put alot of salt in your mouth before you even really know the game yet. Ranked has a little too much of that “Go Hard or Go Home” attitude in the metagame when it’s supposed to be about fun at the end of the day. I’d say rip a page from Exhibition and make Matchmaking in Tiers for the beginners.

Custom Color Edits for Skins and Acessories
KI has a lot of personality in it’s imagery…Especially colors…mostly colors…ONLY COLORZ!!
Colors,Colors,Colors…how many times do I have to say it? I’m a huge fan of customization in games and KI’s Custom Edits are nice, but I want more than that for S3. Kinda like in SFxT or Soul Calibur’s Character Customization, give us something we can truly call our own instead of everybody’s Riptor wearing the same colored feathers.

Team Battle or Tag Team Mode
I enjoyed every second of Team Battle in KI Gold and I’d like to see something similar re-implemented here. Tag Team would be awesome, but idk how that would work in KI’s engine for switching and Team Combos. MK9 Tag Team was pretty popular with the casual crowd and hardcores, so having something similar could be popular in KI too.

New Mechanics
Here are my suggestions:
-A Pushblock for a bar
-An Ultra Breaker for 2 bars
-A choice between 2 Instincts instead of 1(like Super Arts in SFIII:3s)
-A way to spend 2 bars…EX Shadow Attacks or something?

I know EVERYBODY wants Ultimates/No Mercys to come back(with Shago being the obvious exception here), but I just don’t see it happening, at least not right now. I really don’t think we even need them to be honest, but I digress. With a new season on the horizon comes new ways to play the game and we all know new mechanics should be introduced. KI is a Footsie/Mix-up/Pressure, In-Your-Face, type of game, making defensive play(known as Turtling) quite hard with characters having true block strings and nigh of unreactable mix-ups to confuse you. I believe Pushblocking could solve those issues so you can actually breathe under-pressure. During S1’s development, I wondered if Ultra Breakers would ever make it in the game, but to my expectations, never did. They were cool in KI2(If you ever happened to pull one off), but probably won’t happen now because it would take away from TJ’s uniqueness. All in all, it would be interesting to see what the Devs could do with that if it ever becomes a thing. Having another Instinct to choose from would open up new possibilities and variables for every character and their match-ups, but would be similar to SF4 with the “One will always be better than the other” type of deal. Having the choice would be a welcomed addition imo regardless. Aaand a way to blow your whole Shadow Meter…how about Enhanced Shadows? By spending 2 bars, the Shadow Attack you choose would have less startup, more invincibility, and better damage by default. Like a Supermove of sorts, high risk, high reward.

Closing Comments
Those are my thoughts guys and girls. I hope S3 changes it up a bit like how S2 did for S1. And I honestly can’t wait to play Kim & Tusk in S3. And Keits…When’s Shago?


I like both these ideas!

Also, I want character specific combo trials (maybe 5 to 7 per character…)

Finally, just S2 bug fixing, character select screen improvements, animation cleanup, etc. but that’s not what needs to happen going forward but what should have happened before we even get/got S3.

I was actually thinking about adding combo trials, but I felt like my writing was getting a little too long there lol. If they were added, I’d like it if there were at least 15 to truly test your mastery of your character. S2 clean-up should come first to fix all of the janky animations and clean up the UI.

Well what do u think he needs to survive in the new meta? He got Call of Sky and it adjusted twice already.

Not a bad read. I don’t agree with every suggestion made, but you’ve made a level-minded post, and there’s stuff in here that’s certainly worth being weighed-up by the devs. That’s a somewhat rare thing around these parts.

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Just a thought I had about Call of Sky and how it has no effect in instinct (as far as I know); what if using Call of Sky in instinct gave his next dash a delayed lightning bolt through it, let’s say a second later and has very little hit/block stun?

I’d rather it gave him a hit of armor or some invincibility if you use it in Instinct so you can pressure your opponent without much fear.

*scrolls down to Hisako
*Doesn’t see “OMG dmg nurf plz”
*Sees “Include better wakeup options”


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Thanks Fnrslvr. I tried to stay open-minded about everything without too much bias in the mix. We’ve all gotta adapt to it, no matter the changes.

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock cuz I didn’t even know people complained about that lol.

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Hehe… It was a lot more prevalent on the S2 forums than on the new ones.

Hisako’s meterless damage is on par with Sabrewulf’s meterless damage, but her max damage potential with meter is pretty modest compared to a lot of the cast.