Sugestion for One time only events and Clean slate dificulty

I am a bit disappointed by the Eyedol event chain being one time only, I kind of want to know what the other choices would have yielded :confused:
What’s more is I really enjoyed the initial management of items and resources, which is now all but gone since I have like 30 of every item.
So I was wondering If we could get a difficulty modifier that causes players to start a round of shadow lords without any items, materials, gems and astral energy. (maybe guardians too)

-Edit: (was pointed out that this could be abuseable for item farming) Your old storage will be locked off for the play-through. And of course one time mission chains will appear again.
I don’t even necessarily care if your earnings from this play-through don’t carry over to your main file, I just really want to start over from scratch some times!

Any one else want this?


I would have to disagree. While I am with you on a true reset of missions. I don’t like that some quest lines appear once and then never show up again, and yes I am referring to the eyedoll quest line. But with the cost of the really good guardian packs, how quickly consumables can be spent and how astral energy was required in alot of the old recipes, it was way too easy to starve your guardians. Having said all this, having compounding resources and materials allows me to more enjoy the game. But a true reset of mission, that I’m all for.

You know you can reset the story data for each character right? Not sure if this will reset the “unlock Eyedol” story quests, but they might.

For the item suggestion, that might be cool. Like a “Hardcore” sub-mode or something.

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I wouldn’t mind a “Play with what you earn” kinda mode in SL.


I asked about this in a different thread, here’s the response I got from the devs:

The devs got back to me and said that in the future they will make the one-time missions recurring but that they will be rare after they are completed the first time. I personally can’t wait, I wanna replay the Eyedol quest too