Sub Forum for Local Scenes?

Requesting this feature to come back for sure. While tournaments is a good forum for all majors, regionals alike, we could definitely use a sub-forum location for everyone’s local scene like last forums.

The reason we opted for less sub forums is because we now have the ability to tag threads. You can also have multiple tags on a thread, making it possible to create a thread and tag it with the likes of, “Locals,” “Pacific Northwest,” “Seattle.”

If that makes sense.

@rukizzel is there a way to add tags? I just created a tournament posting and wanted to tag Phoenix and Arizona but was unsuccessful.

Thanks, TGZ Boss Wulf

If you edit your original post you should see a tag field below the main body of the text.

Thanks I was able to add arizona because it was found, however when i typed in phoenix it stated no matches and just erased it.

TGZ Boss Wulf