Stupid Teredo Address- I just want to play PC KI

I haven’t ever been able to find a match on KI and I know it’s because of this “Teredo Address” and my xbox app shows it as not having it. I spent hours trying to get it fixed, going through all the steps on XBL support…which they eventually forwarded me to Windows customer service, and which they took over my PC to try to solve it which didn’t work either.

They then told me since my motherboard was Asus I needed to use a service called “Asus Gamefirst Service.” and that I should contact them. Which I did and the guy at Asus had no idea what I was talking about, and eventually told me that’s something that isn’t supported on my motherboard (you can’t even download it, it’s some outdated program when I google it). So after that I contacted windows support again and they said to contact my ISP and THEN they told me to port forward xbox live…which is something I had already done. No one could help me. I don’t understand. Literally every other game or service works fine, this is the only connection problem I am having. I

I’m really hoping someone else has a magic solution to this. Pretty much desperate at this point.

there’s a patch live now. Re-launch your KI.