Stuff to think about

If Glacius is made of ice, why does he have bones? Are his bones made of ice too? I mean he’s able to become a puddle so I would assume so. If thats the case, shouldn’t he not have any bones at all?

When Gargos does punches through the Astral plane at the Astral Plane stage, shouldn’t those just be normal punches? Or is there like another dimension other than the Astral Plane where his punches still get teleported?

Why does Tusk sound British?

What did Kan-Ra look like in his younger years? Handsome?

Are Gargos, Eyedol, Glacius, and other characters without clothes naked?

Where does Aganos’ chunks come from? His body or the ground? They’re always he same rock material. If it comes from his body, shouldn’t he always have full meter? If it came from the ground, his chunks should match the environment.

Also, Riptor does not sound female at all. She should be called Victoria or something.

For characters who can fly or teleport, why do they still fall off high places?

Hitstops look ridiculous. I would still like to see a smooth flowing combo from Aganos and TJ Combo, it doesn’t make sense for them to hit, freeze a little, next hit, freeze a little during a combo.

Shouldn’t Stage Ultras be called Stage Ultimates?

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Glacius isn’t made of ice, he is an alien made of flesh and bones, but wears a suit that covers him in a protective layer of ice and makes him manipulate it to such an extend that he can turn himself into a puddle of water as well.

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By definition, yes.

Gargos wears clothes in his accessories. He still goes all Donald Duck though.


and so what do suppose a female cybernetic bioengineered dinosaur should sound like?

As for Gargos portal punches there wouldn’t be another dimension, he creates small gateways that shorten the distance from point A to point B allowing him to punch someone 20ft+ away with out taking a step.


When Eyedol model will be extracted from Steam version, you’ll be able to check his crotch if that’s what floats ur boat.



Lol :joy:


The ice is the armor around him, as Incubus said.

How come? The astral plane is likely substantial in size, so being able to create a portal in one part of it to punch out through another portal in another part of it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for him.

British tends to be a fall-back accent in a lot of mediums. Tusk can theoretically have any accent he wants. He’s 10,000 years old. He lived with Vikings and enjoyed their style, according to his wiki-background, so he looks more Viking-like in this game as opposed to his original incarnation in the old games, which was more barbarian-like. But yeah, he was granted immortality long ago and has traveled the world, so he could theoretically have any accent.

I don’t believe we’ve ever seen a picture of the King’s Vizier before he became what he became. I’d love it if they could give him a skin that showed him as full-on human though, complete with authentic clothing! I think that’d be pretty cool.

One would think.

I always thought that the animation looked like him sliding his hand along the ground to pick up rock. I’m assuming they have the same rock material so that they match him, or to make the rock a consistent color, but I doubt they’d want to have it match the environment.

I think the original name gave off more of a male vibe, which made the fact that she was female that much more surprising back in the day. I’m not sure a cybernetic dinosaur needs a girly sounding name just because she’s a girl, but that’s just me.

Maybe they’ve lost consciousness? Maybe they’re stunned from being hit? Maybe they can’t concentrate because they’re falling? I think any of those excuses could work.

I don’t think it’s that bad, but if you do, then fair enough.

They were called Stage Ultras in the originals, weren’t they?

I can answer all of these with 2 words:


  1. He isn’t made of ice.
  2. No, his punches open a rift and he uses them as a shortcut, what you said makes no sense.
  3. He doesn’t.
  4. Probably like he does now, just less decayed.
  5. Yes, they are technically nude.
  6. His chunks come from the ground, it would take to much effort to make a new texture for each stage.
  7. Does a female dog sound different from a male one? Not really? Didn’t think so.
  8. When you’re injured, you can’t exactly catch yourself when you fall.
  9. Its a gameplay choice by the creators, not really anything we can do about it.
  10. No, they should be called knock-offs.

What else you got?


About the female and male dog, I was talking about the name. Riptor is a masculine name. It is ridiculous seeing Riptor in a cheerleader outfit. And about the falling thing, they’re fighters so they are tough, they never get injured. How else would they be able to get up to fight the next meter. Gargos and Cinderella could still fly if they were falling and hurt.

Since you asked if I got more, I do. Why does KanRa have an American sounding accent? Why do Orchid and Jago speak Japanese in KI2 when they aren’t even Japanese? Why would Omen tell Gargos to bow to the herald of Gargos?

Then he shouldn’t be called Glacius. He should be called Bones or something.

It does float my boat.


Umm… Eyedol is clearly wearing bits and pieces of armor stitched together with some rope and a loincloth with a skull-lined “belt.” :skull: His freakin’ head was split in two, and he still has enough decency to cover up!



My mistake. I was thinking of OG Eyedol.

id think its safe to say some people on this forum got in contact with some stuff they shouldn’t be using recreationally


Because he’s not talking to gargos, he’s talking to someone else (the other fighter). The coincidental fact that a gargos main would go up against an omen doesn’t mean omen is telling gargos to bow to anything.

Ultratech is an equal opportunity employer, they’re very progressive. A woman can rip you to shreds and a man can bake a soufflé. There’s no reason Riptor’s name should sound masculine, unless you just have that set in your brain already, in which case they do have corrective surgery back at the lab that can fix that. Just check in with the lady handing out eye-lasers.

Fighters certainly do get injured, if you’ve ever payed attention to any professional fighting circuits. If you insist in picking apart the logic, then I’ll counter you with the “its a game” card because at that point your’re just digging your own grave trying to pick that fight.

Kan-Ra’s accent: Doesn’t sound very American to me.
Orchid and Jago’s native tongues: This game is a reboot, what happened in KI2 is irrelevant.
Omen’s into line: This game doesn’t have dynamic dialogue like MK or Injustice, obviously.

So Batman should be called Manman because he’s a man under the suit not a bat? :\

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Double Galaxy and Iron Helix need to make up their minds. When this game came out Iron Double said this wasn’t a reboot. So now it’s a reboot? Wth.

Also Kan-Ra DOES have an American type of accent. Listen to him in the Aganos trailer. He should have more like an ancient type of accent.

And you mean there is no reason why Riptors name should sound feminine, Riptor sounds masculine. Either that or Riptor is transgender. Also if you haven’t noticed, I have no logic, which is why I’m giving these people stuff to think about.

Right from Kan-ra’s bio from this very site: “Kan-Ra was a vizier in Babylonian times—an extremely handsome man with a powerful magnetism and ability to sway peoples’ minds.”

So yeah, apparently Kan-ra was a good looking dude that could have probably lived an easy life if he just didn’t try to betray the King. And to be fair, for a man who has been cursed, beaten, aged, decayed, and probably in chronic agony for all the the abuse he’s suffered and the amount of years he has been around, dude still doesn’t look as bad as he could. His normal look could be his retro look, so he’s maintained himself nicely.

I guess you’ve been out of the loop for quite some time, if you ever were in it at all. I don’t know about KI3 ever being said to be a continuation of KI2. I’ve always understood it to be a reboot. There are some story elements they carried over from the original 2 games, such as TJ and Sabrewulf being implanted with cybernetics at one point, the Tiger Spirit being Gargos, sure, but as far as I’m aware MS (the lore-keepers and world-builders) has always said it was a reboot.
Now that isn’t to say you’re wrong. I don’t know about what Double Helix said during Season 1…they may have even been making the game under the impression that it was a continuation and didn’t get the memo before they started telling people it was a direct sequel. Other members that were on the older forums might be able to enlighten us a bit better in that regard. But anyway, nowadays Microsoft Studios make story decisions, IG makes the game mechanics and cool tech, and Double Helix has been swallowed up by Amazon, never to be heard from since (lol).

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