Stuff to be added / removed / tweaked


  • MORE ULTRA COMBOS (or a way to customise them) – said attacks are little more than generic finisher combos, using in-game animations / moves, so should not require new assets; only some dedication to add some diversity to the game (NB: Ratta-tat-tat, XX-hit combos were unique in the mid-90’s - they are no longer - so KI needs to evolve with the times, not stagnate in the past).
  • MORE TAUNTS (quotes or / and animations) – taunts do nothing - no meter gain or drain - and have only one animation and quote, which renders them all but a waste of HDD space. Diversity is the spice of life.
  • ‘HUMILIATION’ FINISHERS (if indeed ‘kill finishers’ are not within the scope of the design vision for KI) – they were one of the most unique and funny aspects of the original game/s, and omitting them in this remake is near sacrilegious.
  • AUTOMATIC STAGE AND CHARACTER RANDOMISATION for ‘Versus CPU’ mode – having to go back to the character select screen just to change stages / opponents, is galling and an ill-thought-out game design. DoA5LR does this automatically (in tag mode and without even loading!), so KI could at least try to ape this. (…especially if players are expected to grind copious hours in order to gain “XP”).
  • MORE WIN ANIMATIONS / screens (or the option to skip the one animation that’s present) – seeing the same, unskippable post-bout animation again and again again, until brain degeneration sets in, is not my idea of intelligent game design. Multiple animations would be ideal; but, being a realist, I know this will likely not happen - takes work => work that likely won’t make money => no money => not a marketing consideration - so a simple option to skip said screen, would suffice.
  • Character POSITION RESETTING VIA ‘SELECT’ BUTTON FOR TRAINING MODE – again, having to navigate menus to accomplish a simple position reset in training, is dumb and unnecessary.
  • Toggle-able OPTION FOR COMMAND INPUT COMBO BREAKERS (à la original KI) – I know the game has “evolved” to accommodate casual gamers primarily, but this should not be at the expense of veterans of the genre. Command-less two-button breakers render the mechanic more a gamble than something skill orientated and / or rewarding. Thus, the option for command inputs (e.g., F,D,DF+PK for Jago) would demonstrate the game is not deliberately alienating those experienced with this game genre in favour of the easy-to-fleece kiddies.
  • DOJO TRIALS FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER – not everyone likes generic old Jago… c’mon.
  • A COLOUR PALETTE EDITOR – I know DLC fleecing is all the rage nowadays; but many games have offered simple colour editors in the past and actual costumes can still serve as the revenue spinner. The meagre colour palettes available and the ridiculous grind required to access them, makes consumers cynical and less likely to support products into the future.
  • ALL IN-GAME THEMES / MUSIC AVAILABLE IN TRAINING MODE – I do not understand why this is not already implemented.
  • DIGITAL MANUAL AND GUIDE – for reference of the game’s mechanics. No printing required so the entrained expense should be negligible.
  • OPTION TO TOGGLE OFF / REDUCE PARTICLE EFFECT – some stages (e.g., Fulgor’s) are too ‘busy’ with effects already, and coupled with the characters’ particles, can make the game a literal eyesore… despite how pretty is. Moderation is the key.


  • REMOVE “SIMPLE MODE” / ALTERNATE SHADOW ATTACK INPUT COMMANDS (or at least make them toggle-able and filter-able online) – the Shadow attacks in KI were overly simplistic already, (QCF/B+PP/KK) and rendering them even more simplistic is not only insulting, but plateaus the skill playing field even more than the game inherently does. If people cannot muster the commitment to learn a facile QC motion followed by pressing two buttons simultaneously, they should probably consider a different genre of game – what’s the training mode for anyway if not to master such fundamental mechanics?! Diluting the fundamentals of the game genre in order to broaden its appeal to the lowest common denominator, is cutting one’s noes off to spite one’s face and will lead to the death of the genre in question.
  • REMOVE TECH-ESCAPES FOR COMBO BREAKERS (or tie it to Instinct / Shadow meter) – these interrupting attacks deal zer0 damage(!) already, and to allow them to just be ‘jumped’ out of, renders them almost pointless; especially given the 1:2 against odds of one landing successfully.

= (Until removed or made and option), FIX “SIMPLE MODE” SHADOW ATTACK INPUTS FROM CLASHING WITH OTHER 3-BUTTON ABILITIES – Kim Wu, for example, has a parry (which is more like a ‘snuff’, incidentally; as it’s almost impossible to follow up…) and a combo cancel, which both use three buttons pressed simultaneously, leading to obvious clashes.
= CHANGE ‘POWERED ENDER’ INPUTS – PP/KK clashes with Shadow attacks (which themselves clash with other attacks as a result of the “Simple Mode” alternate inputs!). The game is becoming a mess of overlapping input commands / non commands and simplification – this needs to be addressed…
= ADD DAMAGE TO SUCCESSFUL COMBO BREAKERS – a successful gamble should rewarded. Perhaps CB’s should not KO, but they should deal some damage; ideally, scaled relative to when (i a combo) they’re accomplished (e.g., the earlier into a combo, the more the damage – incentivising their aggressive use and accentuating the risk/reward element, in addition to promoting longer combo string attempts).
= TWEAK HIGH / LOW PROPERTIES OF ATTACKS – I’m noticing some peculiarities beginning to crop up around the way attack animation look, versus what they do. For example, Kim Wu: her standing neutral HP nunchuck flail is a low spinning attack, yet hits high… even against Arganos! This is clearly silly. Attack properties should match their animations as close as possible, otherwise everything ends up looking like an illogical mess.

KI is good. But, with some prudent forethought and amenability to sage advice, the game can become a tour de force in the genre, rather than just another also-ran. :+1:


I don’t even know what that response is meant to be if not just non sequitur bot spam…

Would rather have Ultimates, Modes, more Arenas than just a second set of Ultras. They talked about adding damage to combo breakers a while ago, but didn’t because they don’t want you to be able to win a fight on a combo breaker.

Hence why I qualified the ‘Combo Breaker damage’ suggestion with it not KO-ing opponents (e.g., like how chip damage no longer K.O.'s in SFV… a system that should be added to KI too, incidentally).

It’s just completely illogical in the context of the game for a powerful attack that has the potency to break out of a succession of landed attacks (i.e., break hit-stun), to not deal any damage. Just… nonsensical.

As for ‘moar’; sure – who doesn’t want more? But, to simply supplicate for ‘more’ won’t fix anything and will likely only lead to less emphasis on quality and more on shallow quantity. Worse yet, goad more DLC racketeering – an express train to a lose-lose station.

Basic things who needs a fix.

Stage ultra shout has to go ASAP.
ULTRAAAAAAAA scream has to return.
Double VIP XP toggle on - off with Y button over the max leveled up character over his slot on chracrater select screen or automatically fade once you reach lvl.50.
Thank God there’ll be a toggle for lvl.4 enders. That black screen and random zoom in are awful. I just hope it goes away forever since its silly stuff tournament wise. (I dont go at tournaments but anyway).

Finishing moves are very welcome. Features that make KI what it always was. Its been nostalgic from the very beginning. Game and his old features needs to regroup.

Eyedol or Shadow Eyedol can yield us a last season beyond season 3. Its going to complete the list of returning characters IF he returns this season and so mission accomplished.

Just one word. No.

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I don’t get why you put this in your list? It says at the bottom of the screen in the practice stage that you just press the menu & “window” buttons (start and select on the xbox controller. Don’t really know what they call the button with two squares) at the same time to position reseting. If you add “left” or “right” on your stick at the same time you get them repositioned in the corner your directing the stick to.

I use TE fight-sticks via Chronomax adaptors… but I will investigate this. Thanks.