Stuck on 'Checking Downloadable Content"

So i just bought season 3, booted up the game, and it has been stuck on ‘checking downloadable content’.
I have re-booted both the game and my PC, still no change. Any advice?

Wait a couple of minutes. The first time it takes a while for it to check if you purchased anything on Xbox. After the first boot it will still be a noticeable amount of time for it to check what you have.

Its been two hours now, still nothing :confused:

bumping because i would really like an answer

I have the same problem except it’s only on my file, everyone else’s file works perfectly fine on my Xbox. It’s been like this since the update was released and I don’t want to delete all my stats again.

Takes about 2 minutes for me, since it’s a still screen seems forever, hate everytime I boot KI

It’s happening to me too

Just reinstalled the game, still stuck there.

I had the same problem. I turned off my internet on my Xbone, did a hard reset of the Xbone, turned the Xbone back on, and then reconnected the internet to the Xbone. It worked after that.

You just gave me sliver of hope. If works perfect, if not then it’s time to be a catfish.

The first time I ran the PC version, it got stuck at “checking downloadable content” (I let it try for around 10 minutes). I just closed the game and restarted, then it worked for me.

I am having this same issues on PC. stuck on “checking downloadable content” the game work fine from xbox, it’s always taken long on that stage on the pc but ultimately gets through after a while, but now it seems forever stuck there, cant play ki on pc, this is very frustrating, anyone found a fix?

I am now experiencing this.

Funny part is, the network activity for Killer Instinct starts at 1.9 Mbps, then network traffic immediately drops to zero.

It was working fine until yesterday, when I realized that my data wasn’t synching to the Xbox One, and that the shadow I had deleted and created a new one, weren’t on the servers and wasn’t playing ANY matches.

Sent in an email to the only Iron Galaxy email address I could find. Here’s what I got back, in what was actually a pretty short amount of time… even if it wasn’t the answer I wanted.

Guess I’ll be playing Quantum Break for some days while they figure this out.

"We are currently aware of some users save data not carrying over and
getting stuck at the DLC Screen. We are currently working on a fix but
do not have a set release date yet. Unless you want to start over and have your data
erased, we do not suggest deleting your save data.

In the meantime you could create another account to play with until we
implement a permanent fix. Sorry for the issues being cause. You could
continue to use the same account on the original system you started with
but any cross buy/saving won’t work properly until we have the issue fixed and out."

Wow that sucks! It’s been a week and I can’t still play the game on my main account.

And the worst part IG doesn’t say anything about this problem only that they are looking for a fix.

So we pay full price for a game that we cannot play. I have spent like $ 160 in this game and this is unacceptable.

I thinking to get a full refund. There is no way i start over all my progress from almost 3 years.

Well, it was nice to get a response, and it’s good know they are working on it. Stinks that I’m afraid to play so I don’t ruin any of my saved data though.

Ok i seem to have found a fix

On pc go to your start menu and search for Services, open service.msc and find Xbox Live Game Save and turn it off. Then run KI and turn it back on. I don’t know why, but doing this fixed the checking for downloadable content issue for me.

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Thanks, this worked great for me.

It ran great on PC since launch, then a couple days ago I had a sync issue error, and it would get stuck on checking downloadable content. It was still working good on my Xbox, but not on PC. haha

This seems to have solved it!.

I’m having this issue. Turning Xbox Live Game Save of and on doesn’t solve. All the xbox services are running but. I disable a bunch of other services, one of those must have ■■■■ it.

I am still having this issue myself on PC and have been waiting for a response to get a fix for it but nothing. anyone know how to legit fix this?