String of Ranked Match Disconnects

YEEEEY So I made it into gold tier. However, it was extremely anti-climactic. I played 5 matches in a row where I won only because my opponents disconnected.

Is something wrong with Ranked matchmaking right now? Could my internet be causing others to disconnect? All 5 times game started fine and then suddenly a lag spike hit, everything froze, other player disconnected and I got a win.

I was like 30hp from making it into gold by my own merits last night, so I know its not totally undeserved, but I feel dirty for having gotten it because they disconnected. 5 times in a row.

Its really weird, I think this is a bug and although it benefited me, I still think it should be reported. I dont wanna have all my games end as DC’s, even if I do get wins that way.

Any help appreciated.

Quick update: I just had the same thing happen in an exhibition match… somethings definitely wrong.

Are you soundly kicking their butt, perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hhahaha actually, in a couple of those I was getting wrecked!

I think it was a problem with the internet, the weird thing is that it made THEM disconnect.

Fixed now but im still gold!!