Street Fighter's Floe plays KI for the first time!

I really don’t feel like arguing with you, but there’s not a single move Rash has that is plus that I know off.

I understand you don’t want to argue, and I don’t either. I will.just explain my comment better. by plus on everything, I really mean over half of his move set is safe, or gives him the advantage. There are moves that he has, when he will recover first even if the move is blocked. I know that all characters have one or two of these, but most of his moves are this way. Then there is the issue of the shadow boot hit box. This move is to good. Go into practice and look at the hit box if you think I am joking. I will tell you that rash is no where near as bad as S2 Kan-Ra.

But these are just my opinions on rash.

He actually doesn’t. He used to with the run cancels, but that got patched out.

The point of this post was to show that players from other FGCs is enjoying S3 of KI. Didn’t realize that there would be so much dislike for Rash. I like Rash and I’m not gonna try and argue with people’s opinions of him as people are entitled to their opinions.

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I never knew how bad rash was hated until I used him to get his achievements in ranked. Every time I lost the person did at least a double ultra, and some even did the triple ultra. Not one person ended the ultra early when I was using rash.

Now I don’t like rash, because he does not belong in KI. Not because of his moves. If you are wondering, yes I feel the same way about Arbiter, and any guest characters that are put in fighting games.

So guest characters in any fighter or just KI? I have never had people do so much after beating me when I use Rash. Again I’m not here to argue with anyone as I accept everyone’s opinion as long as they can give me some incite as to where they are coming from like you did.

Thanks, I came to that realization as well. Makes sense now.

Also he was talking about playing Alex.

Yes. I don’t like any guest characters. I am not a fan of the ones in MKX either. To me guest character just use spots that could be used for characters that are really part of the game or belong in it.

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We’re going off topic here.

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You’re right my b. guest character discussions has tons of threads. Back on topic, I hope to see other FGC players try S3 and have similar reactions that FLoe had.

Regarding guest characters, I’m fine with them provided they’re done well (and those in MK9 and in KI are done well; still iffy on some of the guests for MKX though) and don’t oversaturate the original cast itself. IMO, a game is fine wth 1-4 guests, depending on the size of the original cast; the fewer the better.

That being said, I would love for more of these people from other FGs, like Floe, to you know, stop on by, and say hello. This site could use a bit more traffic, IMO. :slight_smile:

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I feel like I should start another topic for this, but Floe mentioned at the end that he doesn’t understand where all the KI hate is coming from. That’s honestly a good question. It used to be hated thanks to Xbox One and combo breakers, but both of those “issues” are gone now, so what’s the deal?

Lasting ignorance, I suppose. The idea that they don’t know that those changes have been made, so they’re still in the dark and under the assumption that both are still terrible because they simply stopped caring a long time ago…

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