Street Fighter's ELeague is pretty dope

The commentators are amazing and the set looks soooooo similar to the Inside the NBA set. It’s really top notch.

I could harp on SFV all day, but I think this is a big step forward for the FGC. It literally doesn’t​ make sense that Capcom/Sony/whatever keeps pouring money into this and not prioritize the actual quality of the game, but I love it. I hope it gets big. Maybe we’ll see KI up on ESPN one day. Lol

EDIT: link

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I want to let everyone know that I tried my very best not to sh*t talk SFV. It’s not fun or constructive to kick a community while they’re down.

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where can i watch this? was it on TV today? Is it also streamed live?

Can someone just link me to a page with all the details?

What does this mean for the future of FG’s?

I keep hearing that it’s going to broadcasted on TV. But I actually don’t know.

You can catch it on twitch tho. Just browse there and you’ll find it.

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Link or it didnt happen LOL


LOL thanks!

They embrace the drama and thuggery instead of trying to get rid of it. They know what gets the views unlike other Esports.

Man, take that crap back to /r/kappa. ELeague didn’t embrace “thuggery”. It had beautiful camera work, a beautiful stage and great commentators. That is what made it stand out.

Sorry to break kayfabe, but the stunts they pulled added to the drama just like pro-wrestling.

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