Street Fighter V Fans Petition Capcom to Improve Online Network

I don’t particular care for SFV but I desperately want this anyway. It is a real shame the most fighters can’t have the netcode that KI does. It might not actually happen, but it is worth a shot.

I love all fighting games. It is just that their fanboys can be annoying.

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I honestly don’t think it’s all that bad in it’s current state?

I mean yes the 'Failed to receive data" is annoying in ranked because you are skimped your hard earned LP (temporarily) but other than that I don’t often get disconnects or lag when I am on a solid connection.

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I never have any issues playing online with SFV. Thats strange.

SFV has some of the worst netcode I’ve seen of any modern fighter. The one-sided rollback issues persist into season 2, the end result being that whether a connection is playable or not is largely dependent on chance rather than distance.

Really? I thought it was pretty terrible at launch but I don’t have many issues now. It does have the occasional hiccup but I can typically play 20+games in a night and not get much rollback unless I am playing somebody with a bad connection. When I was in PR I was playing regularly with a guy from Canada, a guy from New Hampshire, and a guy from Texas in lounges every other night and we had fine games most of the time.

That sucks that so many people still seem to be having so many issues though. Hopefully Capcom do address w.e the problem(s) are so we can all have a better online experience.

SF5 has asymetrical netcode, which means if one person has 100% lagless match, it in most cases means that the other player takes lag on his face for both of them, and player who suffers it is ironically one with better connection.

Really nothing with this game is done properly. Nothing.


i was on my way to super silver and then i fought a dozen straight lag fest matches that dumped me back down to super bronze. every match i kid you not was a damn slide show with teleporting opponents and horrid latency issues. SF5 is already a joke imo as it is, this just makes it worse

It was even worse pre-release, but they still haven’t fixed the core issue. The thing about the one-sided rollback is that various factors make it more likely to occur–for example, playing on PC vs PS4 seems to make it happen much more frequently.

Other developers have already pinpointed exactly what the problem is, too (I may gloss over some details, I may be forgetting some of the specifics.) The issue is this: netcode like GGPO makes extremely certain to resync the match any time there’s a difference in performance between the two machines. This is the entire reason rollback netcode is even used; it means that a hiccup on either end, either from hardware or from connection, gets smoothed out as fast as possible. Kagemusha, the SFV netcode, doesn’t properly resync, which means any small discrepancy in how the match runs causes the rest of the round to desync.

This is likely a result of the fact that, from what we know, the whole online experience of SFV up to its launch was handled by a single programmer at capcom, working on outsourced korean mobile netcode. Most likely, capcom was pushing for rollback netcode as a selling point, and the person doing the actual programming for kagemusha was either unaware of what was required for the netcode to work properly, or unable to complete what was required due to the game’s rushed development.

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I always set my search to only match me with “5” connections and this has improved my experience. It’s not KI but it’s better than it was.

I’d love for some of you to have to go back and try to play SF3 over the dreamcast’s modem before complaining too much about SFV. But there’s no question it could be a lot better than it is.

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I disagree on your comparison. Just because Dreamcast modem was not suitable for playing SF3 online (i assume you implied that), it does not mean people`s complaints about SF5 are not reasonable.

Capcom with SF2 basically invented competitive fighting games genre, they have most hype, money and fame, they should be few steps ahead of other fighting game devs in terms of gameplay aspects and technology aspects, but they are not.

They fail on both ends, horribly. And they are still praised by most influential gaming medias and gamers.

And speaking aside, ironically you CAN play SF3 and many older fighting games with better netcode than SF5 on Fightcade.

I agree, and in fact I never made such a comparison or implied that people’s complaints are unreasonable. What I’m suggesting is an expanded frame of reference and a little perspective. SF5’s netcode works and provides a playable experience much of the time, especially for random ranked or exhibition matches. I tried to play with @infilament once and it was unplayable so clearly it’s not what it could be. But I don’t know that hyperbole helps.

In my hands SFV has a better online experience than MK9, Injustice, OG MKX, UMvC3 or Tekken 6 and probably Soulcalibur 5 although it’s been a long time. I would say it’s about equal to SF IV - although it’s more annoying when you see rollback the game itself has less demanding timing but I think people could reasonably debate which is better. I think SFV is clearly worse than DoA5, KI and BlazBlue (although I have limited experience with this as well) and MKXL. So depending how you define “modern” you can argue it’s the worst but it’s not incredibly off scale.

That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be improved. Interestingly, Capcoms other big franchise, Monster Hunter has garbage netcode as well. I think they need to contract out if they are going to improve their ability in this area.

From my limited experience with the game, I get the sense that the netcode has problems. But also, petitions on the global humanitarian tragedies such as suboptimal SFV netcode are the goddamn worst.

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Lol. I tend to agree we have “petition saturation.”

Who was the guy who described two kinds of worthwhile public service projects - those aimed at reducing the amount of “suck” and those aimed at increasing the amount of “awesome?”

The point being, yes SFV netcode is a first world problem. But not every worthwhile thing in the world has to be saving starving orphans. Presumably Capcom isn’t going to rob Japan’s social welfare system to make better netcode…

Oh, I don’t mean to suggest that first-world problems aren’t worth solving. It reminds me of the infuriating tendency for people to suggest that academic research funding shouldn’t go into things like axiomatic set theory research because it’s money that could go into curing cancer.

My hangup is more that petitions aren’t the place to express grievances over netcode. Aside from it not carrying the same kind of moral weight, you’re not exactly sticking your neck out by publicly logging your name and address against the risque political cause of wanting better netcode in a video game.

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Good luck with that. I highly doubt Capcom will listen.