Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition


So it seems like The Negative Edge Special Move Charge Problem also affects Cody… and its just as bad as Falke if not worse.

So… if theres any Stick players out there… do you know of any alternate Button Configs that will allow you to Charge Zonk without cutting off access to more buttons than the one you’re charging with ?

Would completely reversing the layout help ?



LoL… Dude… don’t ruin Laura for me… finding out who she really is was such a huge let down…

Why can’t I just pretend ?


The thing about Laura, because her visuals don’t appeal to me (though I do like her hair), there’s nothing about her I like. Not even her gameplay, as I’m not into grapplers. She was an utter disappointment to me, through and through.


Thats fair…

Although perhaps you can give her a 2nd chance… Laura isn’t like Other Grapplers… Laura is a grappler with a strong neutral, possibly the strongest neutral out of all the grapplers. Which I must say is very refreshing. You just can’t go toe to toe with Karin as Mika the way Laura can.


If I ultimately don’t enjoy her playstyle, I’m not going to play her.


LoL… that might explain why a character this good is so unpopular… she just rubs people the wrong the way.


Alright… so I have an idea… its going to sound alil Crazy so please… bare with me.

How about They revert Meterless DP’s back to being completely invincible on Frame One… AND… They do 50% more Damage… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

now now hang on… before you call me crazy, hear me out.

In Exchange for empowering those Characters, all the Charscters that don’t have Invincible Reversals, get A huge boost to their Crush Counter Punish Combos… Lets say the deal a bare mininum of 35% to The Opponent’s Life Bar meterless and Over 50% if they spend Resources, infact… a crush Counter into Critical Art should just out right Kill Them… :stuck_out_tongue:

In Short… If your DP gets blocked… YOU DIE :smiling_imp: !!! MWA HAHAHA HAHAHAHA !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So who’s on board ? :innocent:


-shrug- SFV is already widely considered to be too punishing, with huge damage swings possible from a single wrong decision or bad button press (this is the reason crush counter and V-trigger combos had their scaling increased). People feel like they got “robbed” when a badly timed button lands them in a sequence where their entire lifebar is at risk.

I’m personally generally in favor of large risk/reward scenarios, but the game has pretty consistently been driving towards fewer of those interactions.


Yeah I got sense of that a few weeks back…

I myself come from a different game where you could genuinely Kill someone’s entire health Bar from 2 Great Reads… infact I actually did do that one time… it felt great.

I have gamblers mentallity… except in Fighting Games its not really gambling… as stupid and illogical as it sounds… sometimes you just know from the bottom of your heart your opponent is going to try something… and you’l be ready to make them regret it. I guess thats why I want SFV players to get their DPs back… it makes that feeling seem even more obvious.

Unfortunately that’s not “Real Street Fighter”…

I feel like NRS Gamers would be more open to that sort of thing… What with their Crazy Fast Overheads and All.

Yeah its a weird shift for this series… I actually sort of get why they wanted to do away with the Invincble Reversals… and even why The Zoning isn’t as Great (not counting Guile, Obviously) but the Stubby normals, The Trigger Balancing, etc… I genuinely can’t see what the big picture is supposed to be.

Oh Well…

I’m a Mika main so really the DP thing wasn’t for me… I just wanted To Give Crazy Kens something that would make them even Crazier… and make YOLO Ryu Viable again.


Good Lord… I’m so Stupid !!!

Spending all that time making Custom Controls for Falke was a waste of time… I should have been making Custom Controls for Kolin (Theres no Macro for Light + Hard Punch/Kick)…

I can literally whip up a practical 8 Button Layout that will allow me to use EX Medium Vanity Step and EX Medium Parry… arguably the two most important versions of those Moves… I can just do double button presses for the other EX Moves… and I don’t use V-Reversals… Yet… so I don’t need to macro all three punches/kicks.

FRAME ONE PARRY YALL !!! :crazy_face:

I think Kolin is the only character that has a Frame One Parry, it only works on Strikes but thats leaps and bounds better than What Ryu’s got.

This is Good… now I can drop Laura (this is your fault @TheIncubusLord) and finally play a proper set play Character… and Her Wardrobe is pretty ■■■■ good too.

LET THE ICEY THICKNESS BEGIN !!! :blush: :cold_face:

Edit :
Fun Fact… EX Vanity Step is Strike and Projectile Invincible on Frame One… uhm… I don’t really know if I need it but uhm… Thanks… I’l take it !

Regular version also has some I-Frames but Its better to treat it as if you’re physically Evading Attacks rather than passing through them… just to be safe.

Edit 2:

FINALLY… T G I F… now I can get to work on Kolin…

So I was in town today… Went to the mall looking for that almighty Glove… 6 Stores and non of them had anything close to what I wanted… I live in the most boring province in this country. No wonder I turned to Video Games… it was either that or take up smoking…

Sorry Blanka-Chan… looks like I won’t be having fun with you anytime soon.


Not much to contribute her but I thought I would take a moment to say reading this line has probably given me as much or more enjoyment than actually playing SFV.


Are you down with the T H I C C N E S S ?!?!


Swewtness, You Better Believe I’m Down with the T H I C C N E S S !!! :wink:


At first, I didn’t care about Kolin. But she’s actually pretty fun. I suck with her, but when I get my combo in, it feels so incredibly satisfying. She can do some pretty cool stuff… pun intended.


Indeed… I wanted to play her way way back… but not having specific moves readily available because of the controls made that a pipe dream… now that I’ve found a way around it, Kolin is totally back on deck.

Not as a main though… I’m just trying to get into the mindset of playing this type of character… gotta get outside my comfort zone. The Thiccness is just a Bonus.


Can someone explain this to me ?

Now I’m pretty ■■■■■■■ sure Meaty Throws are not a threat simply because of Everybody’s Favourite Exploit… OPTION SELECTS. Throw Teching During Blockstun essentially makes you unthrowable in literally every single situation including back during The Fun Times of Season 1 Throw Loops.

Thats why The Shimmy exists… nobody actually wants to shimmy… They would much prefer if either The Hit Confirm works or the throw works… but since both can by stopped with The Delayed Throw Tech OS… you’re left with no choice… even the slow walking Bison has to Shimmy every now and then.

So whats so powerful about Someone trying to throw you on wake up ?

Edit :
Speaking of Which… I actually came up with a Semi Practical method of Learning how to Throw Tech OS… ayt so here it is.


  1. Head to Training Mode.
  2. Pick a Stage, Any stage you want… go nuts !!! :wink:
  3. Pick your character and then for your opponent Pick Sakura (yes it has to be Sakura specifically)

Open the Recording options and record Sakura to perform:

  1. Forward Dash and then Immediately low hit confirm (Crouch Light Kick, Crouching Light Punch, EX Shouken)
  2. Forward Dash and Throw Immediately.
  3. Once thats done simply go to playback options and turn on both recordings, The CPU will automatically randomize the Playback if you enable both… also make sure to turn off playback info.

Now… heres where ■■■■ gets real:

  1. Stand at a distance where Sakura’s forward dash can reach you.
  2. Crouch block.
  3. When Sakura Dashes forward, Wait one second and then press then the throw buttons… yep… that simple.

Heres how you Evaluate The Results:

  1. If you get thrown that means you throw teched too late.
  2. If Sakura Techs your Throw or She gets Thrown out right, that means you Throw Teched so early that she never got her chance to do her thing. (And thats bad… I still need to find a way to blow these up.)
  3. If you manage to successfully tech Sakura’s throw then hooray !!! But you’re not quite done yet…
  4. If Sakura manages to low hit hit confirm you then that means you Throw Teched only slightly too early… thats why you need to have The Low Hit Confirm… to catch out those tiny Timing Errors.
  5. If you manage to Successfully block The Low Hit Confirm and Tech The Throw multiple times in Row consistently… then Congratulations. You’re a Delayed Throw Tech OS Master !!!


You maybe a throw tech master but thats only one tool in your tool box… you might need to expand on it… and this is why I had you choose Sakura as your Tutor.

So Throw Baiting and Shimmy’s are a thing. While Throw Baits are a true mix up for some characters (Guile, Ibuki, Akuma, Chun-Li & VT2 Falke) for some other characters (Ken, Sakura, Blanka & Abigail) they have to get Alil more Creative with throw baits… and maybe they are true mix ups maybe they’re not… either way Sakura’s going to help us deal with them…

So… Pop open The Dummy Recording again anf Record Sakura performing:

  1. Forward Dash into immediate Neutral Jump Hard Kick, Crouching Hard Punch, Medium Tatsu, Crouching Light Punch, EX Shouken.
  2. Forward Dash into Immediate Back Dash into Immediate Standing Light Kick then EX Shouken.

Its very important to get these recording right… Sakura probably has The Highest Priority on her Jumping Hard Kick along side Ken, Vega and Blanka… so when you do it make sure it hits the opponent super early… you want to press Hard Kick as soon as Sakura’s Jump levels out (Yes… its really That Good). Many people say its a legit throw bait.

Her Standing Light Kick is probably The Best Punish Normal in the Game… nothing else from any other character goes that far That fast… so she gets a Shimmy 2.0 (Its like a regular shimmy except its done by dashing instead of Walking, Ryu players do it alot). She probably has the best Shimmy 2.0 just because of That Button.

So… simply enable all 4 recordings… and try to keep teching throws like before… only for the new options you aren’t really suppose to be able to defend against them… Sure if Sakura tries to throw bait then you should be ready to anti-air or at the very least be able to stand up and block… and you might get lucky and block her Shimmy attempt so be ready for The Punish… that being said… if you manage to successfully counter both these options then either you’re a Reaction God or your Throw Tech OS timing might be alil off… really the purpose of the two extra drills is
To help build your mental fortitude so you don’t panick if you get hit by these setup ups.

Edit 2:
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Edit 3:
Ayt so I’ve had two days with Kolin… my early assessment is shes extremely difficult to play… Theres pretty much no way to actually Drop some Ice Balls in Neutral. like eveb at Full Screen she can’t really capatilize on them and any closer and they can jump in on her and stuff it… its actually more viable to get an ice ball up close and even on block despite it being super unsafe.

Her Command dash… its okay… the problem with Kolin is shes not only has Stubby Normals like every other character thats not Top 5… but shes got super Stubby Air Normals too… Particularly her Jump Fierce… and the reason they’re so stubby is because Capcom wants you to use her command dash to increase the consistency of your combos…

That being said, unlike her Ice Balls, Her Command Dash actually can be used in Neutral… with alil caution obviously…

As far as I can tell… her Ice Balls hold lock down the opponent for 30 Frames both on it and on block… meaning any situation where you can combo from it on hit you can also get plus frames on block… There are even true block strings if the Ice Ball hits just right…

I haven’t made use of the Counters all that. Much yet… they’re pretty straight… Super Fast, Nice Damage and Strong Oki. No trick to it… its good… it works.

Her Standing Light Kick really ■■■■■■ me off… Not because I think its bad… its actually pretty ■■■■ good… But you can’t combo Ice Ball from it… its the only thing stopping it from being great.

Another thing that ■■■■■■ me off is her Over head… I don’t like it… I don’t want it… I wish there was a way to disable this move. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Kolin seems like its very difficult to get her to the Corner… she can back up and if she finds her self running out of real estate she can just hop to the other side using a make shift ice platform… on top of that shes got one of those evasive side switches… and one side switch combo that requires two bars of super to do… however… once she is cornered… its extremely difficult to escape… she’s definitely no Rashid or Akuma.

Anti-Airs are Garbage… sometimes I don’t even bother… need to find some other way of dealing with jump ins.

So I know V-Trigger 2 is the Go Trigger for Kolin but V-Trigger 1 is surprisingly not a total piece if ■■■■… infact I’m confident in saying you can still genuinely contemplate using it…

Speaking of Which… Kolin probably has the best True Block String in VT1… and I just found out the hard way that Guts Scaling also affects Chip/Grey Damage… so the chip kill set is not as strong as I thought it was… still though if some Grey Health is already built up then theres no reason not to go for it.

Edit 4:
Shout outs to Kolin & Menat for Banning every single Stage with a Blue Sky… lol… seriously though, Capcom doesn’t know how to design their characters snd stages… Necalli, Birdie, Juri & Falke managed to Ban Kanzuki Beach…

The Airplane Stage managed get banned all by itself on day one.


Big Day Tomorrow…

On the one hand… this is great news… on the other hand… if theres any studio thats likely to ■■■■ this up… You couldn’t ask for a better candidate. Their track record speaks for itself.

Fingers Crossed !!!

Edit :
Well that was fast… don’t these guys Sleep ?

So apparently the game improved by 1 frame.


Wait wait wait… So in SF2 HD Remix (ft. LL Cool J and DJ Khaled) you performed throws by pressing Forward and Fierce/Roundhouse ?

Doesn’t that solve the issue of The Throw Tech Option Select ? And why was this idea abandoned ?

I guess nobody knows…

Anyway atleast it shows Sirlin was thinking practically when designing fighting games long before Fantasy Strike… and here I was thinking Yomi Counters were a stroke of Genius straight out of thin air… turns out he was building up to it.

I like how the properties of each character 's Throw compliments that characters play style…

for example: Grappler’s have throws that leave the opponent closer and Zoners have throws that knock the opponent further away.

In SFV because everybody and their mother hates Throw Loops all the throws feel more or less the same… Cammy’s throw doesn’t seem do anything for her any more than Mika’s or Falke’s throw… Hell… Kolin can’t even toss out a free Ice Ball… only her Parries let her do that.

Street Fighter is weird…


So I was bored and stumbled upon this…

Now obviously I know that everybody’s knee jerk reaction would be to dismiss Rage Quiters and then move on… but I don’t know… for some reason I feel like theres a point here.

Ayt let me break it down… If the game is properly balanced and the netcode is great and there’s a great tutorial then sure… Rage Quitters should be punished with suspension or whatever the developers see fit.

However most fighting games these days meet none of those requirements… some barely managed to get a single one of those things right and I can count on one hand how many manage to get 2 or the full Trifecta.

So it can feel alil unfair to get suspended because you picked a crappy character and didn’t know or because what the game said was a 5 Bar connection was really 2 Bars in disguise (happens alot in Street Fighter V) or the game just simply doesn’t tell you how to play (A tale as old as time)… so… as crazy as it sounds… I say rage quitting in those situations is marginally Justified.


That throw mechanic is the original throw mechanic from Street Fighter II. It wasn’t changed at all for HD Remix and has nothing to do with Sirlin.

They abandoned it because it is an input that gets easily confused with just trying to use a heavy or roundhouse button. And it may solve the option select you are talking about but it leads to others. For example if someone jumps to avoid your throw (not really a thing in SF2) then you would throw a fierce punch instead and hit them.