Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

I am a Street Fighter fan from forever, but I really don’t know that SFVI is the right move. I think the fact that IV and V are pretty similar is one of the big problems with V. And that game is honestly just hitting its competetive stride. So unless Capcom has a cool new idea for a SF VI that is going to really mix it up and make a splash then I think they should do something else.

I think now would be a great time for Darkstalkers or a Capcom all-Stars or other crossover style game like Capcom vs SNK (even though those aren’t my favorite Capcom games). Something experimental and radical. A new Red Earth or something crazy. Something to surprise people, get some good will back, try out some fresh ideas.

But I fear Capcom considers SF it’s foundation and won’t want to do anything else without a healthy SF game as a back stop.

A new Darkstalkers would be amazing. I’ve honestly always preferred that series to Street Fighter. It’d be cool to have some sort of anime style story mode with all the crazy characters, some fun cutscenes, and you get to fight as every character multiple times and figure out what’s going on with them within the context of some larger narrative. Or, more realistically, it’d just be fun to have this series and these characters back.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing them take another crack at Marvel Vs Capcom. Now that they can seemingly get a lot of the characters that people want, such as the X-Men and what not, it might not be the worst idea to take some ideas from each MVC and try and bring this series back with better graphics, 3 v 3 bouts and a larger roster with more DLC on the way.

I’m not sure if there’s really even a right way to do this series at the moment, but I think they at least got enough info in terms of what fans didn’t like about MVCI to maybe put together and MVC4 that comes closer to “getting it right.” Whatever that means.

I also wouldn’t mind a massive Marvel game in and of itself, with a ton of Marvel characters and several we haven’t seen before in a fighting game to go with several that we have.

Of course, the dream would be Mortal Kombat Vs Street Fighter. I think there’s a compromise that can be found here in terms of art style, where the game is a bit darker ala MK, a bit more neon inspired like SF, and characters skew a bit more toward realistic than cartoon muscles on top of muscles. No fatalities, of course, but some Injustice-esque cinematic supers and gameplay that veers more toward Street Fighter could be both an amazing game for fighting game fans and perhaps even a more compelling art direction for SF than the one we’ve seen for the last ten plus years.

Assuming none of that happens, I would still hope for Street Fighter VI, whenever that happens, to aim for a new graphical style and perhaps find a way to merge some of the more compelling gameplay mechanics of the whole SF line and SF Alpha line while coming up with a few new ideas.

In short, I’d like to see a bit more of a serious Street Fighter game, where the characters are less anime and the competition and character interactions feel more intense and meaningful within the context of a darker, more compelling, and more coherent story, complete with progressing plots and subplots.

I’d also want an overall visual shift toward something more Blade Runner neon than Street Fighter’s kinda 80’s / early 90’s-ish interpretation of the world’s stages or the more comic art / water color style. Lastly, many characters could use makeovers. Of course you can peddle the nostalgia outfits if you just have to have Guile’s weird flat top hair or whatever, but otherwise, make them look cool, stylish, and current.

I don’t expect any of that to happen, but I think it’d be a nice way to take the series in a new and different direction. Maybe follow that up with Alpha 4 and have that be a bit more in the anime vein.

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I never played darkstalkers in anything but a cursory way. In general I liked the graphics but didn’t like all the craziness compared to SF. But I think your ideas are all good.

I think Capcom has some rich IP and has an opportunity right now to really explore the genre in a way that they haven’t done since the mid to late 90s when they launched SF Alpha, X-men Children of the Atom, Darkstalkers, all the versus games and Red Earth. I know that’s a game no one is clamoring for but it’s interesting because it’s so outside the box. It goes back to fighting games pre SF II with only a few playable characters playing against boss style opponents - I’m this case giant fantasy monsters. It doesn’t fully work as far as implementation but it’s gorgeous and it’s the kind of thing you have to try if you’re going to innovate and be a leader in the space.

I don’t think producing huge, 30-40 character roster “main” series games in this day and age let’s you take many risks. But they could put together a smaller game or games with a dozen characters and then use them as a testing ground for new ideas. Because, frankly, I think the FGC needs new ideas and SF in particular is going to die slowly due to “safe” choices.

I feel like the opposite is true. Because with smaller rosters, you have to have all the “mainstay” characters or else people get mad. And with franchises like MK and SF, those “mainstays” fill up a dozen with no effort at all. You have to go big if you want the room to take risks.

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I know you’re really in favor of huge rosters but I feel like maybe you should read what I wrote. I said specifically NOT to make a mainline game. A game bringing back every character from Darkstalkers has a roster of 18-19 characters. Red Earth had a playable roster of four.

Sure you can experiment with individual character ideas in a game with a big roster. But your point is exactly what I’m saying - you can’t take risks because everyone wants their character back and they all want them to play like they used to play. And then they also complain that the game is just like the last one. But I’m not talking about individual character experiments. I’m talking about fundamental gameplay risks. Make a game like Rising Thunder. Not a game that has a shoto character and a charge character and a character with a tap tap tap multi kick/slap.

When X-men, Children of the Atom came out, it shared enough DNA with SF2 to be recognizable. But the differences were much bigger than the differences (for example) between SF IV and SF V. The graphics, the super jumps, the emphasis on super powers the way the game dealt with combos. The whole feel of the game was totally different. And that experiment laid the foundation for Marvel Super Heroes, and all of the Vs games. Say whatever you want about MvCi, but no one is going to call that a SF game.

What I would like to see (but don’t expect to) is for Capcom to release 2-3 radical departures from their formula. Weird graphics, weird roster, weird gameplay. And then see what people like and then take those ideas and create SF VI that is actually an evolution of the series rather than a roster reorganization. Is SF V more different from IV than Super SF II turbo from SF II the world warrior? I don’t think so. Is that familiarity comforting to people? I’m the short term, absolutely. But like I said before, they are going to make safe choices that work in the short term but that in the long term make the series stagnant.


(I know you prefaced that with “the dream would be…” I just really wanted to use this gif :joy:)

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This exaclty!! OMG… I couldnt agree more! I bought everything day 1, even the collectors guide book on release night. Then the next pass and the next… plus certain skin packs and stages… then Kage… I dont play the game hardly ever but I tried to support it just for the saistke of the FGC but now IM just done spending money on that game… it isnt worth it. Even though the completion in me wants to have them for the OCD in me lol


@BigBadAndy @FallofSeraphs76
I was looking at all these locked stages and if it wasn’t for my Steam account having virtually zero funds, I would have gone on a silly $60 shopping spree - buying costumes, currently locked stages, and whatnot just to get rid of that enraging lock symbol covering each locked stage :laughing: They almost had me…almost. like I said to Andy, I closed the game after updating and was probably the safest for my wallet. Still like B-boy Ryu :cool:

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Yeah it adds up fast doesn’t it? I guess if the only game I ever played was SF it wouldn’t matter. But my world is overflowing with other money sinks…

Very sad that I only got to spend money on three KI seasons, all the money I spent on SFV was actually meant for KI dlc but MS offered me little outside of seasons to spend it on :cry:


That’s a fair assessment. I think the SFV content - certainly for outfits and extras, is higher quality than what was available for KI. And there wasn’t much of it. But it suggests that people will accept paying extra for stages - although I have mixed feelings about that precedent.

I have like 19,000 KI gold and nothing really to spend it on except green and purple auras for characters that I don’t play…


Seriously wish they had done more with KI. People would be willing to spend money on this stuff. But MS just didn’t want to make it.

It’s tough, because we don’t know what they are looking at to make the decision. I think throughout the course of KI’s development (certainly during the initial release) there was a lot of carping about dlc and costume extras. Since Xbox had a PR problem they may well have been right to avoid that stuff. As it is, look at how much complaining was generated by the classic costumes…

The other issue was that I just don’t think the Helix engine and the basic design structure of the game was very conducive to adding that kind of content. I could be wrong, but IG was very capable of designing entirely new characters so it seems unlikely they just “couldn’t” make new skins and costumes for existing ones. It might not have been worth the effort.

Having said all that, I think it’s pretty clear that if they launch a new KI, it should be on a platform capable of delivering that sort of content for the people that want it.

This. ^

I’m fairly certain Adam Heart addressed the DLC issue in his interview with Max during Max’s BringBackKI stream. It wasn’t developer laziness or MS being unwilling to shell out the money for the devs to get this done or a lack of willingness on anyone’s part. The engine was simply too difficult to work with in this regard. According to everything I’ve ever heard talk about this that worked on the game, it was a “couldn’t” issue, not a wouldn’t or simply didn’t issue.

It’s tough to imagine a scenario right now where players would very openly clamor for something and the developer or publisher would just say “no, we don’t want your money.”

Like Andy, I’m really hoping that if they launch a new KI on Scarlett, it’ll have the foundation in place to be able to give players all that they’re looking for and then some and then some more after that and so on.

I mean, think of all the stuff fans were wanting throughout the three seasons. More colors, more outfits, more accessories, more stages, more stage variations, like Jago’s stage versus Shadow Jago and Omen’s stage, etc. I still remember people putting out mocked up images of existing stages and recoloring them so it could be Mira’s stage or Eyedol’s, etc. I want to say Adam Isgreen even posted a concept picture of an ice cave stage that could’ve been Mira’s.

I think they had a lot of intentions with this game and as the roster grew, they tried a LOT of new things, from Shadowlords to Shadow Lab, to multiple ways of telling the main story and stories for each character. I think this whole game was rather experimental in that regard and some things came out really well and some things almost assuredly couldn’t be explored as much as they would’ve liked.

Hopefully for MS and whoever might work on a sequel, it was a grouping of several quality lessons on what to do and what not to do and they can take those lessons learned in to a (hopeful) future game and really come out with something that improves upon what fans loved while also changing and experimenting more with what might not have worked as well.

On a side note, maaaaaaan I really want KI4 announced at Gamescom. I know it won’t. I’m 99.99999% certain it won’t be announced. But there’s still that .00001% of my brain that’s holding that candle of hope in the storm of logic and reason lol. Perhaps a bit melodramatic, but you get the idea. :joy:

Dilemma of the day:
I want Asura’s costume but I don’t want to play Kage

Dilemma of the month:
I want to play SFV on PS4 but I don’t want to buy it again since I already own the Steam version :laughing:


Street Fighter announcement: Champion Edition

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Max was asking if this Campion Edition is “like definitive definitive”…

well, in the Champion Edition trailer, which I did not post, it reads in very small print: “fighting chance, pro tour and collaboration costumes not included…”

upgrade kit available now…Gill to be released over time as well as the V Skills 2


Either way, I’m still surprised the game is getting more content of any kind. And considering the 40th character will probably be the last one considering we’re close to the beginning of next gen… let’s just hope it has a bit of a grand finale.


Already Pre purchased the Upgrade kit on Steam. It unlocks pretty much everything, except what is stated above. Pro Tour stages are not included as well. So great purchase for all stages, Costumes and characters.

Playing Lucia on a hidey account on steam :smiling_imp:

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How is the Steam online performance? I have the game but never went online except once in four years. I will likely upgrade as I never bought anything except season 2 characters so it’s a good deal for me …