Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

easy friend. No need for replacing any other new stage. As ARIA says "stay cool"
Even though, if they confirm SFV on nintendo switch i will buy it asap.

But that originally came from Darkstalkers…A Capcom game…

I wasn’t aware…I’ve never played Darkstalkers.

Played last night and just not liking how its all about meaty pressure

Had fun for a bit until I ran into several players that just know how to meaty all day…kind of boring if you ask me.

Ok been playing a lot of SF5 the last few days…uhh…Cammy on line is some BS! lol

And I just dont understand the lag. I swear I hit my buttons so early and it takes forever to come out.

I feel like i need to hit my buttons like 5 seconds early.

Online Cammys…wow… just spamming the same moves over and over (cannon strike) and you try to punish after a block and they still have advantage…WTF?

The lag and input delay really tics me off in SF5 as it is like 6.5 frame input delay (down from 8) which is still high :frowning:

Online i don’t have much trouble with Cammys as they have low health so I often just play very offensively (i think her Canon strike is not punishable and possibly advantage i am not totally sure)

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I made a Blanka color for Necalli, looks pretty cool

If they dont add twelve for season 2 , there will be riots


All 3 twelve fans will riot XD


3 x 12 = 36 , riots will be devastating


All twelve!!!

How the hell do you beat Cammy with Ken?? lol…online

You got me good XD

All hail lord Twelve

Do you guys REALLY want Twelve in the game?

Honestly, I thought he was kinda an interesting character. A really odd changeling who could morph his body into all sorts of stuff, reminded me alot of Glacius in the old KI games, and kinda Spinal as well when it came to morphing into other characters. Also a bit like Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat.

However, there are TONS of other characters who I’d rather have in the game before Twelve.

Q or riot

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Twelve is a character i wouldn’t mind having but still rather see others

specifically Q, Maki, Sodom, Viper, Oro, Sean (unlikely), Sagat, Adon, Decapre, Dudley, Ingrid, Rose, Rolento and Sakura (still rather have twelve over Honda or Blanka)

Q, Oro, Hugo, Twelve, Gen, Hakan, Gouken, Dudley

In that order of preference

You mean Makoto :smirk::thumbsup:

Oh yeah i forgot about her, yeah her too (forgot i played her tonnes in 3rd Strike)…Hopefully she is more like her 3rd strike self (just less insanely overpowered)

I would love to see Eagle in full 3D.
Such a handsome, badass gentleman. <3

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