Street Fighter IV on backward compatability

I didn’t think this would happen, but out of nowhere Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) tweeted that SFIV is now on the backward compatability list.

Cool. My reasons to keep my 360 are rapidly diminishing… we just need SF3 now.


Yes SF3… no need for 4 lol…I cant stand that game! I have it on PS4 though.

Dantes Inferno should have been on the list since the jump… not sure what the hold up is!

…You Lie!

Checks List

Unless it has compatibility with the Xbox One fight stick, don’t expect me to play it much. If the KI TE2 fightstick I bought is compatible, I wouldn’t mind giving it a try again sometime.

It should. I can play Tekken Tag 2 with my Xbox One Atrox if I play backwards compatible games. So I don’t see why it shouldn’t.

Wait a second…

SFIV is compatible…

But not Ultra SF IV?

Can someone confirm?

Because if its only vanilla SFIV, I will be very pissed

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Aren’t they part of DLC?

I’ll gives it a try sometime when I can download it again. This weekend though, I’m gonna milk that Double XP weekend on KI, especially if Shin Hisako gets available early. Probably buy a booster too to get a 4x bonus, (along with the Ultra Edition lifetime boost).

They are a dlc to SSF4


You have SF4, you have SF4 and nothing more

If you have SSF4, you can dowload arcade edition and Ultra via dlcs

If only SF4 is compatible, then no Super, arcade, or ultra edition are valid

when will it be available? as we speak or later on?

I would so by a remaster/HD port of that game for PS4/XB1 if it ever happened. I loved that game so much , I was like 16/17 when that thing came out and enjoyed it to no end.

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If anyone wants to help me, or play with me, I will be playing this all day today.


I can confirm that NOT all versions of SF4 work.

I have…
(Looks down because i dont actually know)
…Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition…
…And it does NOT work.

Oh well, back to being a pleb. Kappa

now I wait for marvel vs capcom 2 and marvel vs capcom classic backwards compatability

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Only vanilla, booo! Why not make them all compatible??


Making only vanilla compatible is as good as nothing for me.

It’s like, when KI S3 was released, instead of making a port of the current version of the game, make a PC port only for season 1, without cross play

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That’s insane. I purchased both vanilla and super and then got the DLC upgrades for the other two version. If my Super disc doesn’t run the game I will be pissed… no one in the universe had the vanilla disc at this point.

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This, 100%


Plz 3rd strike soon

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get ready to be pissed…


I have never played SF before so i am kinda intrested in getting it if its backwards compatible since I don’t own a PS4 or a gaming PC…

Or a working PC for that matter :joy::joy::joy: