Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

I thought it sounded like him as well!

@BigBadAndy SO I just bought this game for Xbox along with Agony. Man it sucks to be honest. Its straight up arcade ports and it looks terrible. APlha 3 and 3rd strike do not have the updated versions that were later released so there are missing characters and moves.

If I could take it back I would. I dont even know why I bought this game.

If anyone is thinking about buying please rent it or play it at a friends first. Hell I couldnt even get the game to start on any o the “games” becasue you have to press select to insert your quater. I was hitting start and it would bring up the options. I was like WTF!! lol

That’s disappointing, although not really unexpected. It’s the 400th quick and dirty cash grab by Capcom so what did we expect?

I may still get it anyway, even though I can get equally good emulated versions of all these games. I would like to play these older games on Xbox One especially in my arcade setup.

Xbox would be the only reason to get it. BUt hoenslty I have FInal challengers/remix on switch, Aplhamax 3 and 3rd strike online on PS3/vita and this game is so inferior to those versions its not even close!

That’s what they said from the start though, so not sure why you would be surprised about that.

But yes, it kinda sucks. Would’ve preferred if they put out the more polished versions… and a good netcode along with it.

What do you mean by this? As far as I’m aware, 3rd Strike is an arcade perfect port. There are certainly no missing characters or moves.

IM thinking of the one Iron galaxy did… does it not have extra characters or moves like Alpha Max does? If not then Im wrong. But regardless…this 3rd strike is not as nice as the 3rd strike online version.

@anon39655210 Correct, but I guess my issue is why do an arcade perfect port graphically when you know its not going to look good on todays format?

Easy cash-grab.
Or well, they did put some work into showing the sprites and the music library, so there’s that.
But it’s easier to just emulate in some already made games instead of rework/redefine them and polish them to fit today’s standard.

That said, I’m still enjoying SFA3. I’m gonna play Cody until he is released for SFV. ^^

I guess the reason I’m a bit disappointing is that I have final challengers and its great! I have Alpha max 3 on PS vita and its awesome! And of course 3rd strike online on PS3 is legendary.
The only reason to get this game is for SF1 and thats the worst out of all of them! lol

I guess its nice for a collection… owell… they got me for sure

I gotta say that while it may not look as pretty as the HD remastered versions of the SF games that are already out on previous consoles I still had a great time playing online. I played several sets with @CyberRoseKnight in all of the four available SF games that had online play. It was a blast.


I just recently tried to play this game on Xbox, and good grief there is almost nobody online. The only match I got was someone with even less experience than me at 3rd Strike.

To anyone who complains KI is a dead game, I can definitively point to SF 30th Anniversary collection on xbox and tell you THAT is a truly dead game. I can not get anyone at what I figured would easily be the busiest and most likely hours of the week. At any time I get on KI, I can get a match usually in seconds, but with this one, I’ve searched multiple avenues: lobbies, casual, ranked, etc. for 3rd Strike and SF2 Turbo, and I can find pretty much no one.

Unless anyone has some suggestions, I feel like maybe I should stop trying. Most people it seems have moved on to fightcade any way. I think at some point, I may give that a try instead. I’ve heard the netcode for the collection is sub par in comparison to the 3rd Strike Online edition on the 360 as well, so I can’t really tell how fun this is or not.

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