Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

So… ALL the games… well, the 2D ones, in one package! From the first Street Fighter to Third Strike, including the Alpha ones!


thx for the heads up

Definitely going to get that for the Switch once we get one. Maybe for Xbox too

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I may get it, but with DB Fighterz on the way, I’m not sure I’ll be playing much of it. I’m not really much for 2 anyway, or its many iterations. I’ve never actually played an Alpha game before, but I did play a little bit of Third Strike online edition.

pleased i’ll be able to play third strike on my xbox one. Would have preferred it if capcom would have made it backwards compatible though.

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I’m definitely going to play some SFA3 when it comes out. :3

Is that narration by Ken Lobb I hear? :open_mouth:

This looks like a pretty cool thing. I love bundles like this since they let people experience older games on their new hardware

It’s a bit hard to tell from the trailer, but does this let you play all the iterations? I actually prefer the backgrounds in SF3 and Double Impact to the ones in Third Strike. Hopefully these all also have GGPO netcode.

@IronGalaxy are you guys involved in this at all?

Yes, however, only SOME of them have online play!


It’s James Chen.

Also, they used my voice in a trailer. This cake from an interview I did. They asked me if they could use my voice but didn’t tell me for what. I’m super proud that THIS is what it was for. What a wonderful, wonderful package for Capcom Fighter fans.

— James Chen (@jchensor) December 11, 2017

Anyways, I can finally play Ryu in all iterations :grin:

Nope, we aren’t involved in this. I think i saw a tweet saying Digital Eclipse is, but I could be mistaken.


Yeah, well as I prepare to buy 18 SF games - nearly all of which I have owned more than once on other platforms, I suspect (sadly) I won’t be playing this much online. If IG isn’t there to code it I am not counting on the netcode being worth a darn anyway.

Thanks for clarifying. For some reason Chen and Lobb sound very solar to my ears.

Though obviously I wouldn’t be to surprised if it HAD been Ken Lobb. Given the influence Street Fighter had on the industry (and of course Killer Instinct) I don’t doubt he’d have s lot to say about it!

I’m deciding if I should get it for XB1 or Switch. Switch has the portability aspect but XB1 will probably have a stronger online player base.

Just get Both…

Not everyone can afford that.

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One could buy the lesser priority version Later.

Do we have a price for this?

I didn’t see one… I’d guess 39.99 or 49.99

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The former it’s $40

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