Streamline Player Fight Card Menu

Sorry if already mentioned, but could we get a more streamlined menu for icons, taunts, and backgrounds? It’s really sluggish and takes forever to scroll through. Maybe it could be setup in each section that the characters names are listed and that’s what we choose so we can look at their stuff specifically instead of scrolling through all of it.


The current one seems like a jumbled mess most of the time.It isn’t pleasant to look at or sort through

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Yeah, I’d likely change my stuff more often, but it kinda makes me want to not deal with it.


Not on PC with the right setup. :sunglasses:

But yeah, I get what you mean. If nothing else they could catorogize them into character-themed sub-folders. Perhaps by doing that it wouldn’t have to load them all up all at once and take forever. Then again I don’t really know the first thing about how they load up, so I could be wrong about this.

Dear Gargos, those load stutters…

A good comparison is the Season 1 character select. It worked when there was only 6 characters, but it got obsolete quickly. The fight cards menu is in a similar situation and could use an overhaul.