Streaming KI PC Version

Anyone know if you can find the App on the computer somewhere so you can run it as admin for streaming purposes? I can’t seem to capture as a window or a game capture. Wondering if there’s some way to capture it. Wanted to stream it from the PC since I have no XB1 to play this on. =/ I also can’t seem to figure out how to enable cross play from the PC side of things…

Screen shot of both OBS types with window and game capture set up.

Edit: Updated screenshot to show KI is in fact open and running during times of capture attempts. TestKI is window captures.

Final edit: Fixed it. All you have to do is monitor capture (hopefully for the time being).

You just waited 26 minutes? really?

Other posts got help within 5 so yes I did.

Good luck with that attitude

Thanks already fixed it so trying to figure out how to close or delete this post

Lol. Glad you fixed it dude! It’s really hard to see all these posts and threads and reply to them, because so many pop up!

But again, glad you fixed it, and can have a good time with KI!

Fix is simple too sadly. Just need to monitor capture. Was kinda hoping to be able to game cap it though. Oh well as long as it works in a way.

Interested to know what you did to fix. OBS yes?

Edit: See you posted what you did.

Yeah OBS monitor capture. I get frustrated when I fail at least 5 times on a fix. =X