Stranger Things (no spoilers)

Started watching this Netflix series tonight. Holy ■■■■ is it intense. Sat down to watch the opener and three episodes later I don’t want to sleep. I don’t know if it can maintain this level but I am completely desperate to see what happens next.


Dude my whole family watched it over the weekend …2 weeks ago? OMG we all loved it and its AMAZBALLS!!!
I even got my dad to watch it and you know how old ppl are when you tell them something is awesome and they need to tune in?/…ehhhh we’ll see! and they never tune in? Well he watched the whole thing in ine sitting STRAIGHT! LOL

Let me know when you are done so we can discuss!

PUDDING!!! lol

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THIS ^^^^
THis is exactly how we were… I think if Game of Thrones was available to watch start to finish for the entire season it would be like this as well. Its not often you get to have a seies complete from day one.

Watched the 1st episode alone, then convinced my family to watch it with me. We completed it within a week and loved it! The story, characters, the acting, cinematography, etc. A genuine delight, through and through.


Been on my to watch list since before it got released, but been a bit busy with buying/selling a house, finishing a few oher series (last 3 episodes of both Penny Dreadful and Orange is the new Black as well as the second half of american horror story season 4 and I have season 5 of Game of Thrones waiting on blu-ray) and tonight I’m starting my holiday, so I will be away for a week. I’ll probably get around to it in a month or 2/3 when we are settled in the new house.

Good to hear everyone be so positive :sunglasses:

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This show is ridiculously good. I say this as a person who usually hates anything that relies heavily on child-actors. Kids just usually suck at acting and ruin everything. But everyone in this show is great.

The plot manages to be suspenseful without unfairly-withholding information. You don’t know alot, but you know everything the main characters know. It’s perfect so far- with my only complaint being the “school bully” cliches.

I’m in the unfortunate spot where I’m 4 episodes in, but I’ve been watching with my girlfriend- so needing to stay “in sync” with her, I can’t finish the season for another 2 weeks while she’s on vacation. The suspense is killing me…

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I finished it today. It’s great, although as with most things the journey is more fun than the ending. The best way to watch is late at night with your girlfriend or spouse and an adult beverage.

It’s funny, I can’t really point to a single thing in the show that hasn’t been done before. But it’s so clearly been done by people who care about the story and want it to be perfect on the screen. Great attention to detail and a loving recreation of the early 80s. I’m just a few years younger than the kid characters in the show (I was 7 in 83) and it’s definitely a nostalgia trip.

As far as the child actors, when you see child actors delivering great performances it’s a credit to the director. These kids are great, but knowing how to get kids to deliver the lines and make it seem real takes a lot of real understanding and hard work by the director.


I’m on the last episode right now. I agree the sets and the cinematography win, and surprisingly Winona Ryder doesn’t suck- maybe a bit over the top at times-

I feel this could’ve been resolved in a standard 2 hr film, but entertaining to say the least.

Now, don’t anyone get any crazy season 4 requests together. Lol

I have to just say, that after finishing the show and having a day to sleep on it… I still think it’s the best thing that’s been on TV in quite some time. I was trying to watch S2 of Daredevil last night, which is a very good show, but it just pales in comparison.

Stranger Things has so many pop culture references both subtly and not so subtly sprinkled throughout. Especially to Stephen King, who’s 70s and 80s books and stories were clearly a major influence. You just come away with the impression that none of the 7 hours of screen time was not carefully crafted. Even if @BblackorchidD is right that the plot itself could have been (and pretty much has been) done in a two hour movie. Getting from the beginning through to the resolution isn’t the point. It’s the time that you get to occupy this world.

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This was the best show I’ve seen in a long time. I binged the damn thing in 2 days and couldn’t stop watching it. It had that awesome 80s Sci fi horror retro feel down so bad lol. Soon as i saw the guys in hazard suits and SMGs, i was sold lol

You’d be surprised at how many people don’t see that as a cliche’ but as a reality and unfortunate fact of life. People have lived through moments like that - I know I have.

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we’ve all had our own bullies. that day, i learned that not all people are good in this world. it was a harsh lesson, and something this TV show made me reminisce about. it made me think back to my old elementary and early middle school days getting into fights or getting payback on bullies. i would hope Stranger Things wouldve given anyone who has a bully today inspiration to stand up to them but in a less extreme way minus the telekinesis lol

When I was in Elem, any bully that bullied me…I just punched them right in the nose…then I ran away lol… they left me alone after that due to the fact they were so embarrassed they didnt want to take the chance again.

One time this high school kid wadded up duck tape in my hair… lol… its kind of funny now. I didnt hit him though…he was huge. the bus driver even laughed and didnt do anything about it.
My hair stood up like a bad cow lick for a week.

The sad thing about bullies is the kids that they bully in turn go and bully younger kids…its just a cycle of bullies that never ends.


thats when i learned that violence does solve problems lol. bully comes at you, a good punch to the face and a kick to the balls makes a statement. my fav tactic was throwing dirt in their eyes cuz they were always bigger, then start swinging haha

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I watched episode 2, it’s very good than first! Eleven look like boy… I don’t know but it’s bother me…

Yes episode 2 picks up better
Enjoy Kev

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