Strange new sound?

I have a strange sound in KI when the match starts and ends, on counter hits, shadow moves and taunts. :confused:

Have you already turned off the UI Sound FX in the audio options?

Yes I have. It’s still there

Are you using Jago???

Please utilize your Xbox DVR to provide us with a sample so we can hear what’s going on.

I may also suggested trying to turn down each audio option’s volume individually, so you can pinpoint whether it’s being caused by a sound effect, character voice, announcer, UI, etc.

If turned down the audio to zero:

Is there any way to deactivate it ?

This doesn’t appear to be anything I’ve heard of before… It might be a bug. Please post this in the bug thread and explain in great detail how this could be replicated.

Do you happen to have Elgato running for your PC version of KI? I noticed the same sound on mine while recording yesterday.

No, I record with Nvidia’s Shadow Play
And It’s there even when I’m not recording.

I’ve had a weird sucking plunger type of sound happen. It’s so weird man.

Sounds like one for the bug thread.

I’ve actualy postet this on the thread today.

I just played a Match with Shadow Jago and didn’t have that sound, after that I played a match with Jago and this sound was there. But why ?

I have that sound but is only when jago taunts. i dont know why.

I noticed it too when playing Ranked, but only against 1 or 2 Jagos in a dozen of Jago matches, not everyone is doing that sound it seems.

The sound only happends when Jago is Player 1.

Found out what the new sound was for my issue. Turns out there is a new sound whenever you gain meter. Sounds like a plunger sucking on something. It’s kind of annoying especially when you face a Fulgore because they get several bars up.