"Straightforward" Characters vs. Resource-Intensive Characters

At this point, it seems to me that KI has a high portion of characters that heavily pressure or require the player to keep track of a special meter, mechanic, or resource in order to utilize them competitively. To sell my point, I’ve made two lists of all the characters I believe belong in each category. These are debatable and there’s most likely a sizable grey area between them, so feel free to add input to them.

Keep in mind not all Resource-Intensive Characters are particularly hard to play. And not all “Straightfoward” characters are super-accessible and easier to succeed with competitively. (And also remember that pretty much all of the “Straightfoward” characters have special mechanics as well; their playstyle just doesn’t heavily revolve around them.)

“Straightforward” Characters:

Resource-Intensive Characters:
Spinal (Skulls)
Fulgore (Meter Charge)
Shadow Jago (Surge)
Maya (Daggers, Pips)
Kan-Ra (Sand Trap)
Aganos (Chunks)
Hisako (Wrath)
Cinder (Fired Up Status, Burnout)
ARIA (Bodies, Assists)
Kim Wu (Dragons)
Arbiter (Grenades, Carbine Ammo)
Mira (Blood Health)
Gargos (Minions)
Eyedol (Warrior and Mage Stances, Charges)
Kilgore (Non-overheated and Overheated Status)

So it’s a 12-15 split, making the majority of characters fall into the latter category. The vast majority of Resource-Intensive Characters are in S2 and S3, while half of the “Straightforward” Characters are in S1.

In my opinion, there should be more characters without special meters or conditions in the future. It would add more variety and fun to the game, especially for new players and those who feel like most of the cast is too complicated for them. I’m not asking to take away depth with future characters, just to focus them around interesting movesets and fundamentals rather than resource management more often.

I wanna say something but i would ask you to clarify something.

When you say “interesting movesets” what do you mean? As in flashy kind of moves a la, perhaps, Maya or moves with unique properties a la Kan Ra’s throw and curse? Or something different all together?

Something like Sadira. Very distinct movements and attacks, but they don’t involve some special resource.

Like the usual 4-6 special moves that all characters have, but without having to use a ‘resource’ to enhance them, right?

Eh? I think it’s plenty to have about half of the cast play without a unique resource. I also think that saying shago’s surge is a unique resource is just wrong, which would make the split 13-14. If one of the remaining new characters has a unique resource and the other doesn’t, it’ll be 14-15, which is a very fair split. 14 characters is more than some fighting games have in their entire cast.

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I say Shago’s Surge is a unique resource/mechanic because it’s something only he has and what he’s designed around. He has to use it to make his attacks safe, at the long-term expense of spending more meter for his regular EX moves.

Pretty much.

I dont usually, but i cant really decide…

One one hand, doubling down on a character archetype isn’t exactly a bad thing…

On another hand, doing that very move just doesn’t seem to generate much enthusiasm (which it probably shouldn’t)…

And on yet another hand, i dont know what or how a straightforward character would differ enough from what’s available to not be a clone, which would absolutely be horrible…

The only “non resource” character I use often is Raam. I prefer to use characters with special resources, I love them

More Resource Intensive characters are wellcome to me.

Also, notice this:

Omen(Funny you put him into the straightforward chars when he has 3 shadow meters stocks, which gives him more resources than the rest)



Kim Wu







Arbiter(hard to put in one category, could be “other”

Other(Matches with several or none of the previous ones)

Besides “other”, notice how most of the characters archetypes have several members labeled as “straightforward” and several labeled as “resource intense”. Notice how you always have a choice, you always can have a straightforward or a resource intense character in each category.

Grappler and Other are the only ones who have just one type of character based. IMO one of the two remaining characters has numbers to be a grappler. Funny enough, both grapplers doesn’t have special resources to watch(albeit Thunder could be considered, since COTS allows him to do a spirit dash). Also, a rushdown resource character would be great too, since Spinal is the only one

Also, props to @DEClimax for inspiring me on this XD


If you wanted to, you could argue that thunder’s call of sky is a unique resource, which means there’s a grappler with one. :stuck_out_tongue: I wouldn’t, but I’d say it holds up about as much as saying shago’s surge is a unique resource.


Would Omen really be considered balanced with his RNG? Just curious

The randomness of omen’s fireballs doesn’t really take away from the fact that his gameplan is very well-rounded–he can zone a bit, he has good mobility, he has good options for footsies, and he can rush down.


RNG barely concerns Omen. Either he has space to safely use rashakuken and choose if he goes in or not with the outcome he gets, or either he is using them at point blank for preassure, so the RNG is irrelevant


Okay then. Thanks for the explanations

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I might also say the Kryll mechanic could make RAAM resource based, but meh.

On the topic, though, I’ve noticed that these heavily resource reliant character types are pretty unique to KI. Apart from the occasional puppeteer for deployable, I don’t see any other fighting games doing this to the same extent as KI. It’s one of the reasons this game is so unique and fantastic, because not only are the characters pretty unlike any other fighters visually, they’re completely off the wall gameplay-wise too.


I would disagree on Shadow Jago, Maya, Kan Ra, Cinder, and Kim Wu being resource intensive characters, but I would not include RAAM in the straightforward category either.

While Shadow Jago’s surge mechanical is unique to himself, I don’t see it as something uniquely resource intensive, any more so than any other character anyway. ALL characters benefit from shadow meter, and all can benefit from unique, more powerful, and sometimes safer attacks using meter. By the narrow definition, all characters in the game fit into the resource intensive category. Shadow Jago is built with unique advantages to his shadow meter consumption, but I’ve seen Shadow Jagos wreck without ever using shadow moves, due to his playstyle of sheer unpredictability.

Yeah, he acquire what I call the equivalent of EX moves from having surge available, with shadows being equivalent to supers, but to be honest, almost none of his EX moves are safe at all. Surge Divekick is actually -6 on block, more than punishable if you catch it in time, and his surge slide is also unsafe if you can predict it, and surge uppercut is SUPER unsafe. His surge fireball is arguably safe, leaving him at a minor frame advantage. But I definitely would place him in the resource dependent category.

Maya is also pretty straight forward, the dagger pips aren’t really necessary for her to do well at all. Most people will try and build up for the unblockable hit, but they’ll get that maybe once or twice a game, hardly anything that would justify her being dependent on a resource. Her daggers are bread and butter to her, being openers, linkers, and general gameplay mechanics, but the pips for them just provide a small advantage you may never even use during the match. No one plays Maya thinking they HAVE to have that one unblockable homing attack.

Kan Ra’s sand traps aren’t really a resource either, just something that sits there and is useful from time to time, but hardly something he’s dependent on, as the bugs and the grabs tend to be the more powerful tools of his gameplan.

Cinder isn’t a resource character at all, as most of the time you’ll be fighting without fired up, except for the rare instance where it pops up or you’re in instinct mode. Usually though, he fights without it, and it’s not hard to do. He’s not straightforward though, as he has to create openings and pressure carefully, and approach opponents differently since he doesn’t have the longer reach normals and safer specials most characters have, but having fired up makes him no safer on block usually.

Kim is a great character for players who enjoy fundamentals and good positioning from what I’ve started to learn, and while the dragon cannons and dragon dashes are nice, Kim doesn’t rely on them at all, they are just extra damage when she manages to have them, or they help avoid damage. Nothing she can’t live without, but is helpful to have.

Characters like Mira and Aganos DO strike me as resource intensive being that their gameplans drastically change when they lack a certain mechanic. Shadow Jago is always Shadow Jago at any level of meter, Kan Ra can live without a sand trap, Cinder is okay not fired up, Kim is always good with her footsie game, etc. Them not having their bonus doesn’t make them any more difficult to play. It’s like they are cupcakes and just happen to have the sprinkles added from time to time.

Mira, Aganos, ARIA, now those characters have to make changes to how they fight based on whether they have enough life bar, enough chunks, certain body extensions, etc., unlike those mentioned above. Mira can’t keep spending health and expect to win without getting it back, and every body ARIA loses makes her that much more difficult to win with. That to me is a resource dependent type character.

Now RAAM, while he’s not got any unique stuff to him as far as a resource, I wouldn’t call him a straightforward character either simply because his gameplan revolves around a certain level of patience and tact in forward movement and creating openings, and is limited within the traditional combo system. He has to make good use of his grabs and OTG style moves, resets, and fakes to keep the opponent in a state of confusion. He’s not straight forward by a long shot, but not really a resource character.


The thing about Maya is when she misses a dagger toss, she no longer has access to it. Without her daggers, she loses access to both a special and her punch normals. I’d say she’s fairly reliant on that resource if not having it removes her ability to use certain moves.

And sand trap is Kan-Ra’s only reversal option, so I’d say that’s fairly important.

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Blazblue is like that too, but with a much less accessible base system. Breaking down the whole cast:

Amane (drill meter)
Arakune (curse)
Azrael (weak points)
Bang (nails, fu-rin-ka-zan)
Bullet (heat)
Carl (doll meter)
Celica (blue health)
Es (bors)
Hakumen (magatama)
Hazama (chain stocks)
Hibiki (none)
Tager (magnetism, spark bolt)
Izanami (drive stance/projectiles)
Izayoi (zero weave stocks)
Jin (none)
Kokonoe (graviton, lightning, flame cage)
Litchi (none)
Mai (none)
Makoto (none)
Naoto (none)
Nine (spell stocks, lol)
Noel (none)
Platinum (items)
Rachel (wind)
Ragna (none)
Relius (doll meter)
Susanoo (he’s a goddamn RPG character)
Taokaka (none)
Tsubaki (install meter)
Valkenhayn (wolf meter)
Terumi (none)
Lambda-11 (gravity seed)
Mu-12 (steins, sorta)
Nu-13 (gravity seed)

The end result is a 9-26 split (EDIT: forgot about bors.) Not quite as balanced as KI’s cast.


Disagree, Kryll doesn’t have to be managed. It’s just a hit which which deals it’s damage over time(or not if raam gets hit). Nothing really important to manage for the raam player

Oh my dreams…

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True, though I decided on those based on what I said on the OP:

While it could be considered a resource, I didn’t think Thunder’s Call of the Sky was quite a cornerstone of his playstyle as opposed to Shago. As I said, there’s some debate to be had with the list I made.

Well, today I learned a thing about Blazblue. I’ve never played it (or even seen much of it played) so I hope you can forgive my lack of knowledge.