Story Mode with cutscenes this season?

Are we gonna get movie cutscenes for this season’s story mode? A way to make it better than Mortal Kombat’s & Injustice’s movie cutscenes without the chapters.


Don’t get your hopes up if you’re expecting it on MKX levels. Remember KI has no where near that kind of budget as most AAA fighting games. Still fun as heck though.

We have never gotten a true cut scene outside of a few trailers and the arcade intros. I highly doubt we will get anything of higher production value than, say, the Season 2 Rivals “cut scenes”

KIS3 has to have a cinematic story.
I mean if Shadow Lords is cinematic then YUS

KI doesn’t have the budget. Warner Bros gives Netherrealm Studios alot of money to make a good Story Mode in their games. Microsoft doesn’t seem to have the same faith in KI.

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