Story mode jago ending 1 not unlocking?

So i just completed story mode with jago (becauase apparently i’ve never done that before…) and i did all 3 in one sitting, complete story mode, ultra orchid and do it on med or higher, but for osme reason I only have ending 2 and 3? do I have to basically do this without ultra orchid (one i had already unlocked anyway) do it on easy (erg its more tedious than hard)?

I noticed the same for sabrewulf, I have the ultra every oponent, but not actual story mode completed…

maybe this.
I had the same problem with Orchid.

Don’t ultra your rival, and it should be fine.

May it be a bug? I have completed the S2 mural yet my achievement remains locked

I think in the season 1 story mode you have to get the endings individually, unlike season 2.

Not 100% but believe it was something like that.

If you still need to get the first one, dont qualify for the other objectives, so for Jago, dont ultra orchid and play on beginner or something…

hate to necro, but this happened for me in Sadira’s Story Mode. I completed the Ending 3 challenge - while also beating all of Story Mode - but it did not unlock Ending 1 bonus.

At least not on the tracker… I think it actually DID unlock 2 pieces of the mural. But on the tracker, Ending 1 still is hidden. It’s hard to NOT do Ending 3 w/ Sadira since it’s so easy.

ok, it did only unlock one mural piece.


Sorry, necromancing a 2 year old post is worth some fanfare. :stuck_out_tongue:

The issue you’re running into is actually that you’re completing the other requirements. In order to unlock Ending One, you must not meet the other requirements for that run.

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Lol. :sunglasses:

What’s an easier way to google that? cuz I tried and this was the best result lol… >_>

Maybe I should’ve just looked for a Story Mode guide instead…

I just told you the answer. If you want to unlock ending 1 for any character, you have to make sure you do not meet the criteria for unlocking endings 2 or 3, or you will get those endings instead.

In short, if you want ending 1, do the worst job you can.

Also, the requirements to unlock specific endings can be viewed in game, so it shouldn’t be hard to find out what you need to not do for that character

Lol, dude calm down, I didn’t ask how to do it. I understood you the first time. I asked how to google it better so I’m not necro’ing 2 year old threads. It’s like a rhetorical question. :fist_right::fist_left:

My mistake :sweat_smile: I thought you needed clarification on how to do it. Never meant to come off as agressive or agrivated. Now I feel rather silly. :joy:

Well an easy place to look for this sort of info is the KI fan wiki. Wikis are typically an OK source for this sort of info. Just Google search “[title of game] wiki” and something usually pops up. :slight_smile: Haven’t checked to see how reliable/up to date the info is on the Killer Instinct wiki, but it should be at least usable.
Might be able to find vids YouTube as well, though I’d advise against that since a lot of the KI story content is probably from Season 1 and thus wayyyyy out of date.

Hope this is helpful!