Story + Character (Old + New) Wishlist for Mortal Kombat 11

MKX is still continuing on. Plus next game has gotta fix the story!

Any wishes for MK11?

And PLEASE no mentioning of guest characters here.

I want Jade, Reiko, Rain and Tanya to return as playable characters.
And I want the story to be new. MKX was kind of a retell of MK4.

I want characters for MK11 - Hornbuckle, Hydro, Tri-Borg, Tremor, Khameleon, Noob, new Lin Kuei character, Kano’s son and Blaze.

Well… I know you will not like what I say. But I believe guest will be in MK11… : /
If they confirm guest join MK11.

I want guests - Spawn and Michael Myers
Two is enough!

Onaga and Shang Tsung return. Also Motor Kombat, and Chess Kombat.

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How about new characters?

New Red Dragon, Chaosrealm, Orderrealm & Netherrealm ones?

Red Dragon… I’m thinking of a fencer to join in.

I remember wheb playing the game a while back that you could fight Rain.

Did they ever give a reason why he wasnt playable since I remember he already had his own moveset…

I remember feeling really bummed out not being able to play him

Yeah, Ed Boon said himself that they didn’t want to repeat the same DLC… And for some reason they didn’t put him in the main roster, which I thought he should’ve been from the very start along with Tanya. :confused:

I still want UMK9. Just copy paste the models and framedata into MKX’s engine, do a rebalance and call it a game.

I want two things:

  1. Major defensive / minor footsies focused Raiden with his main trademark move not sucking.

His MK9 core design was pretty on point IMO. I had high hopes for his MKX incarnation for all the additional tools NRS has shown in character trailer (rising superman, more tp directions, possibly projectile shenanigans; and MoS looked interesting too…), but it became massive letdown on release. Character was turned inside out in terms of playstyle. Eventually he has become a total mess of poor options and inconvenient inputs on top of that.

  1. Proper PC support. Probably won’t happen though.

P.S. Speaking of bullet 1, it looks like a trend to make FGs more and more offensive-oriented. I can understand why, but it saddens me. Heck, even Hisako (who I wanted to main in KI initially) now gets a nerf to defensive capabilities while getting offensive buffs in return.

Fighting games developers, why do you hate us so much?..

OMG Jade pls make her return somehow.

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What about new characters? Any thoughts?

Kano’s son!

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How about…

  • Niece of Nightwolf: A druid & shaman like her uncle. Her father married a Irish girl and shared him of Druidic magic. She worked on bringing Kung Lao and Nightwolf back to life. And has the ability to control plants and nature.

  • Anansi: A spider kytinn unlike D’Vorah, chose to serve Kotal Kahn forever. He became a good friend to Reptile.

  • Viking: A warrior whose realm is similar to Asgard.

  • Anubis: A jackal-like warrior from another realm merged with Outworld. His realm is similar to Ancient Egypt.

I can see that last one happening. He/she would probably be from Outworld or something. Would be nice if the show the other realms some love like they did with Deception.

That would be very cool, because Kano is my favorite character of the series. Though only if Kano makes a return.

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If MK11 happens soon, I’d like Onaga to return as the final boss. Only this time not as OP as he was in Deception.

Seriously, who wouldn’t main the fricken Dragon King?

Step aside Gargos.