Stoked about the possibilities for Season 3!

Not just for the (hopefully) returning characters, but for all the potential new avenues things could go for the cast as a whole. Looking forward to where the story/universe is going, and hoping it stays active for a long time to come!



You’re excited for story & universe? That’s always been your thing. You should be a writer.


Ha! Were it so easy…

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I am super stoked. This has given me something great to look forward to. Even the colors used for logo got me excited lol.

Time to get that first commentbadge!
And to learn how this forum works :dancer:
Nice to have it up and running again! Sadly I have almost no playtime with Rash as i’m currently working on hitting that lvl 90 in Path of Exile. 80% to go!

Yeah, I’m so excited for the possibilities of Season 3. Bring it on!

Excited about Season 3, but utterly livid about guest characters, especially Rash

I’m super hype for any new characters honestly!

Tusk and gargos are a must as always. Eyedol would be nice too :wink:

Characters concepts I personally want:

A Naga

A New Sabrewulf-esque monster (Maybe an ape or an ogre)

A rift/warping kinda character that uses portals in gameplay! (Like quan chi)

I also want season 1 story mode to be revamped maybe but we shall see if that happens ever…

There are so many possibilities for the newest season of KI :slight_smile:

March 2016 can’t come soon enough!


I’m hoping it’s just 2 guest characters

Very happy to hear S3 is on the way. Its going to be interesting to see how unique each character will continue to be having so many in the game right now. X-platform will be insane if its as good online as it is right now. The haters are not going to stand a chance come 2016.

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Can’t wait to see all the new characters and the PC version :grin:

My only wishes are 2 monsters to show in ki: a vampire and a wendigo… and plus a cowboy but I doubt it will come thru.

Forget Quan Chi - have 1 of the 2 robots from Portal 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, a lot of people including myself just think of the new characters. But it’s a whole new Season! This could actually be our chance to get Ultimates (probably not)

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That’s Even better!

Spoken Like A Champ!

Hopefully Rash is our only Guest character.

I want to see more awesome IG created characters, Aganos and Hisako were awesome additions to the series.


Agree, Rash looks good but he’s not part of the KI universe. I really prefer new original characters instead of guest characters. :pensive:

It’s already been confirmed that Rash will not be the only guest character for KI. And I have no problems with that.

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I don’t mind if there are more guests, but I am hoping they are cool and not cliché. I will always agree with a Battletoad in KI. It just hasn’t been done and it’s exclusive to the brand.