Still waiting this damn driver for Mad Catz TE2 on PC

Hi there!

Is there any date for the release of the driver? I’m bored to wait till the release as I can’t stand playing on the XB1 version when my PC version is better…

Well I mean you can always just use Joy2Key, that is how I got my ps4 fightstick to work, pretty sure that your fightstick will also work if you use Joy2key, so yeah moral of the story just use Joy2key

Thanks for the advice but I don’t want to use a third party app which can add input lag especially when a driver is willing to come! :wink:

To be honest I have had zero input lag from this, all it does it make it so that the buttons on your stick are assigned as buttons on your keyboard, so as a result it still has zero input delay. I understand not really trusting it but I have been using it ever since the pc version released and it feels just as smooth as if I was playing it offline.

Joy2Key adds 2-4 frames of input lag! :wink:

Didn’t know that, alright fair enough.

Only solution for now

The driver is going to be released alongside half life 3.


no money for this game anymore, until drivers come -_-