Still time to vote for ki

Just spreading the word. Big e does this for all of his tournaments and he always puts ki on the list NEC has always been a good event and big E has been cool to ki in the past. Last year’s nec was great and it’s something ive always gone to since I started competing a few years ago.

Also NEC is still a bit of a ways off since it’s in winter. If there’s an event youd try to make it to NEC isn’t a bad option and it’s still a good amount of time to plan for it.

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DONE! Will Retweet and facebook here in a bit.

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I don’t have twitter anymore but I know where to spread the word for the votes. Thanks for the tag!

Holy crap KI is winning!

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Winning by a substantial margin with 7 hours to go

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So a $500.00 pot bonus at NEC for KI now. Very nice!

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E will also give us main stage if enough people show. So here’s hoping we get a solid turnout.

Yeah, hopefully people will come through. I’ve enjoyed all the Big E tournaments I’ve been to so far.

I read that somewhere and i can’t remember where it was now…

But i believe the number they gave was 70 to get a main stage. Don’t quote me, but im fairly sure it was within that ballpark.

I’m wondering if i’ll be in Canada at that time. If not, i may try to go if it isn’t gonna kill my wallet.

75 to be exact. Ki for NEC has generally drawn between 60-85. So it’s not out of the realm of possibility

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Remind us where and when this is taking place. Also, is it 75 registrants or 75 attendees. Some people might be able to register even if they can’t attend…

When - December 16-18, 2017

Where - Valley Forge Casino Resort 1160 1st Ave, King of Prussia, PA 19406

Price - $10.00 per game to register per website, not sure of a venue fee…

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Venue fee is usually around 25 as it starts. Goes up in price after early reg.

Registrants are what count. There’s always some who can’t make it.