Still salty

Been away from the game about a year and have come back and most players I’ve come up against are still rage quiters. Now I’m not good by any means but I can kinda hold my own, but what is it with players losing so they quit and then when matched up again and they have the upper hand they taunt and if the get to do an ultra they let it fully play out or try for multiple ultras.
Sorry rant over.

I’m curious,what character are you using. Is a sodium inducing character?
Maybe is not ragequitting but actual disconnects. And then if they are being unsporting, well… That’s the internet and online, sadly. Some days you will come across players that are respectful and others it looks like they suddenly fade away

While as a Sadira main, I certainly get my far share of RQs, I can honestly say that most of the people I fight don’t RQ. At this time, I am seeing a lot of match crashes, where the match ends and both players get a win (unless you’re like me and get stuck in Probation…grrrrr grrrrr grrrr (Sabrewulfish SNARL).

I was playing a really awesome match against Coopstar last night, as an example, and I took the first match. During a second match, the match unexpectedly ends.

Looks like the game is a bit unstable these days. I was watching some streams yesterday and noticed the same.

Here’s my solution to rage quitters. Send them a message only containing this.


Then go on to the next match. If you get them again and they leave, send another one.


No one likes losing, the thing I hate that people do, is I win 2-0, they finally take one and make the score 2-1, then don’t stay and see if they can take a full first to 5. Those are the types that I end up blocking so I don’t have to face them again.

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Speaking of probation, I’ve been put in it for absolutely no reason. I’ve yet to have a single disconnect this month and yet there I am, not that it really matters but still.

I use orchid, but what character I use doesn’t really matter if people still quite when losing and stay and taunt like hell when they are winning. I played for a other hour after I made this topic and it was still the same, I’m ahead and 60% quit and if matched again and they win they try full ultras and taunt.

This is abundant in fighting games, known as the “one and done”. But I don’t think that term justifies the actual level of delusional victory held by the opposing player and frustration by the person it’s done to. Thus, I have dubbed it “Zelenoffing”! Named after the delusional boxer who cheap shots post-matches and walks away with his hands held in victory.

I used to message them, but they were so full of themselves that I would recall the meaning of Proverbs 26:4, “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him”, in other words, you’re a fool for arguing with one. Now, I have a list of people according to how they play, those I recognize that I dislike, I make sure to play my absolute best against, win once on a full ultra and peace out. It’s quite satisfying. Though, I only do this to a very select few, everyone else usually gets a pass until they Zelenoff me more than once. I will always stay 5/7/10 matches before I take off.

Sorry to go off on a rant there. I don’t mean to shame people, but I understand how detrimental this experience is to new players trying to improve and feeling the bitter feeling of an over-cocky bad sport/player. Nonetheless it happens, so it is up to us to make the experience less bitter, as I did for myself.