Stephen King's IT trailer

IT remake look amazing. I am looking forward to see this! :slight_smile:



Wasn’t a fan of the original, and I’ve always thought the novel ran about 600 pages too long, but oh gosh, seeing that boat float down the street gave me chills. I really like the new Pennywise face too. Georgie and the “you’ll float too” mantra spooped me out…

…and if they do the Patrick-in-the-junkyard scene…

Okay, I’m in!

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This is why I stopped eating at McDonalds

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So horrible and yet so deserved at the same time.

King doesn’t know how to end his books. Hoping less spider / turtle, more monster.


Oh man. That scene gave me nightmares… Ugh. But Pennywise in shower scene is worse for me.

turtle? I don’t remember there’s turtle in IT movie. :confused:

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Wwe is supposed to be working on this film.

Never heard anything of the sorts.

Read the book.


Yeah, the whole Spider / Turtle mythos was… pretty typical “Stephen bit off 400+ pages of quota that he couldn’t chew”. Definitely hoping for less of that, more… I guess ‘intuitive’ development of the monster?

Patrick and the fridge haunts me to this day. One of my favorite scenes in all of horror literature. Fantastic work, the entirety of the junkyard fiasco.

Lol. Yeah, I will get IT book before watch movie. XD

Did Stephen King based his character in the clowns legend?

As far as I remember they were something like demons that would eat children and people (after killing the monster) would dress later with a red nose and white face to “mock them” so they could stop fearing them and make fun of the “clowns” themselves.

Or maybe that’s just a fake story XD

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There’s always been mythos about taking power away from evil spirits by dressing as them and mocking them / playing as them.

The scariest horror is the type that’s left to your imagination to fill in the blanks. When you can see and rationalize something in some form, it becomes less scary than what your imagination would do with it.


Most notably Halloween :ghost:

Who will watch new IT movie? :slight_smile:

Not me. I’m a huge scare-dy cat. lol