Steam-warriors * Let's make Top 32

Thought I’d start a thread for the people grinding dat ranked on Steam.

I’m gonna take that 1st place I’ve decided. :sunglasses:

Let’s make [Top-1★ STEAM] :facepunch:


respect. good luck. :facepunch:

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Are there even 32 killers yet? Last I check there where like 11.


I plan to make a push when it resets in 4 weeks or whenever. Training til then!

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Much respect. I’ll link it on mine to spread the word.

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There are currently 41 Killers on Steam

Continuing that
Road to [Top-1★ STEAM] :facepunch:

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Faced this Top 1 player on Steam yesterday, ZER04… really annoying Omen player.
Would tell him GGs but he was really rude so I won’t.
Shouted at me, said I “abused” my carbine as Arby.
Wtf doesn’t Omen do with his eternally plus-frames fireballs? :sweat_smile:

Here are the matches we had, sick af:

Going live now again as well, hope to see some of you. :slight_smile:

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