Steam version DLC check failing?

Loading up the Steam version now causes me to sit at the DLC check screen for a pretty long time (instead of around 5 seconds, it’s now 20-30 seconds) and then it fails, giving me a message that says I can “wait (recommended)” or “skip” trying to sync with the DLC server. If I choose to wait, it goes through another 20-30 second loop and comes back to the same screen. If I choose to skip, then I get taken to the main menu and can play the game like normal (all characters are unlocked, I can play in online modes, etc).

Is anyone else having this problem? This is new to the Steam version as of a few days ago.

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@Mcmacladdie is having this issue and posted in the bug thread. I tagged @snickerdoodle to maybe help him in the right direction.

Hey guys,

I sent both Infil & McMacladdie messages. Will be handling directly via DM.
Anyone else hitting this DM me.


@Infilament, I’ve been having that issue myself. If I’m not mistaken, the only game mode this seems to be affecting is Shadow Survival, plus related leaderboards. It’s a relatively minor issue in the grand scheme, but still an incredibly annoying one to be sure. I’ve replied to TotalJimkata’s DM with as much info as I could think to give, so here’s hoping one of us will figure out what the problem is crosses fingers

I noticed this happening on CONSOLE in shadow survival 3 weeks ago or so. I couldn’t get into the first match and I had to quit the game and reboot just to get out.

Same Problem here!, any help? cant play on steam the shadow lords stuck on cheking downloadeable content, over and over, and y cant buy KI Gold on the market

Same Problem here, open the game, then the message checking downloadable content message appears, but after getting stuck there by 20 seconds, i need to push esc to play offline, i cant buy KI gold as well via STEAM

so i have the same problem, someone learn how to fix it?

I had this problem for 12 days. I could not create lobbies, join them, or play multiplayer at all during this time.

This morning I still got the dlc failed error, but I could once again enter lobbies, create lobbies, and play multiplayer again. I just logged in again now and it still works. Dlc fails but multiplayer capabilities are back.

Can confirm this happens for me as well, at least the game is still playable if it’s skipped.

I’m late on adding to this, but I’ve been experiencing this as well for at least a week.

I’ve been hearing reports of people not getting their login rewards given to them recently. I don’t know if this has happened to me, but it may be something to keep an eye on.

I’m in the DLC check failed group too.

I spoke too soon. Now I can make lobbies, no one can join them from win 10 or xbox and I can not search lobbies at all again.

im getting the issue too. gives me time to learn guilty gear or another character for tekken. heh.

Still Broken!, date to fix???

Noticed it here, too. Haven’t been playing much recently, so I cannot explain much. I was able to join a lobby made by a xbox player (myself).

When you skip it, offline and online modes work fine (AFAIK only Shadow Lab does not work).

Had this DLC check failing issue for about 2 weeks now. I appreciate it being acknowledged obviously a fix is the desired outcome. Any info is appreciated, what is odd, is all my DLC works. With exception of Shadow Survival mode & Shadow Lords Missions in that mode. Was tempted to uninstall/reinstall the game. But I doubt thats going to fix the issue. Also verified the Integrity of the game files without issue via Steam version of course.

I have the same issue but with Microsoft Store Version. I bought definitive edition last night and can’t play with any character, only the free character.