Steam Summer Sale

Yup, just found out it’s going on. Anyone got anything good?
I just got Skullgirls, Shantae:Risky’s Revenge, Wolfenstein 3d, Spear of Destiny, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein all for $10.


Mega Man Legacy Collection, Deadcore, and Metal Gear Rising for $17.

Tempted at the $1 Psychonauts.

EDIT: Tempted > Bought.

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I haven’t bought anything yet, but I’ll just leave this here…

Look for Salt and Sanctuary

All hail STEAM.

I bought Nier Automata

Hive Jump (probably the most fun)

Crawl (Best trailer ever btw)

Pit People.

I went ahead and got Dragon Quest Heroes and Street Fighter X Tekken both for $35

I’d rather not. It has its upsides, but considering I spent a good deal of time last night troubleshooting SFxTK and had to find a .dll online to drop into the root game file to get it running, and will likely have to do even more troubleshooting to get online running if it even works at all (uses Games for Windows Live)…

Nothing really makes me want to pull out my wallet but damn, Portal and Half Life up for $0.99? I can’t say no to that.

I wish the fighting game sales were better. Not really willing to push out $25+ on a single game that’s been out for at least a few years nowadays.

You guys can get a pretty ■■■■ quality fg with all it’s DLC for literally like 8 dollars.

So far I’ve only bought the 2nd Encore Update for my copy of Skullgirls

and binding of isacc rebirth

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Really? I had no issues with it, nor with GTA 4 or other games that required GFWL for that matter.


Good game choice!

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There’s this game I found called “Crypt of the Necrodancer.” Anyone played this? It’s got Danny Baranowsky on the soundtrack and that makes me so very tempted.

I haven’t yet but you mentioning it made me curious. Looked up some gameplay and it looks like a ton o’ fun!

Based on the summary, it’s a rouge-like game but it’s also a rhythm game. If it’s any help, considering the sale price, I’d say you can’t go wrong with it. You could buy it, try it, and if you don’t like it after all (granted you haven’t played over 2 hours) you could opt in for a refund.

I got Shadow of Mordor for like $17 with all dlc. Hope it’s as good as people say.

Well, for some reason SFxTK didn’t have the GFWL .dll file in the game’s data…once I found it and dropped it into the game’s file it’s been running fine, though I’m guessing GFWL isn’t running anymore so no online…but that’s fine. I also found a community patch that added in the PS3 exclusive characters like Mega Man and Pac-Man so yay for that.

Hmm… did they ever add Kuro and Toro? I recall them being console exclusives.

Yeah, they were on the community patch too. :slight_smile:

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OOOH SNAP! Time to snatch that game up then! :smiley:

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GFWL is still running. I seen people connected playing resident evil 5, street fighter 4 and batman AA. I still get invites to play RE5 on GFWL, so i see that it’s still running. The thing is that GFWL is barely used anymore for pc gaming but those who use crack on certain pc games to play online is still a thing.

I have SFxTekken on PC! Want to play it sometime?