Why are there people without stats on ranked leaderboards? You can see the points and the a N/A on win loses and stuff? Do they have something to hide or what? I guess with the ratio is the same. Is that a hack or and option to hid stats? just curious.

I have stopped paying mind to leaderboards just because of how misleading they are. Whether they are hacked or unintentially glitched, most games have off leaderboards.

I could be wrong but I often found somethings on leaderboards unattainable.

yeah, my “multiplayer > fight > ranked league > leaderboards > all time ranked wins” don’t show anything at all. put it in the designated spot for bugs.

happened in S2, fixed with S3 release, then happened again. something on the server-side I think.

Yeah, I noticed that when I was grinding for the star. Not really sure what leads to it, just know that every month a couple of players in Top 32 will almost certainly have it. I imagine it affects the whole KI population in roughly equivalent numbers.