Starting Over in Shadow Lords WITHOUT assembling a new Team

Okay… I’ve deleted this game several times, and reinstalled, Deleted the save data, And literally done everything in my power… I DO NOT WANT TO ASSEMBLE A NEW TEAM!!! How Do I start over?

I’m confused; what are you looking to do, exactly?

Assembling a new team simply means going back to the Character Select screen and picking three characters (even if you pick the same three characters you just used), and you start a new game from there.

Is your game crashing?

Start over from the VERY beginning, prologue included, WITHOUT having tio assemble a new team… Exactly as I put it… I do not OWN every character(and currently cannot afford to do so) so starting over with a new team would mean I lose Kim Wu who I want(which you get in the first playthrough) I want to reset EVERYTHING so I get that first playthrough back…

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Game isn’t crashing, i just want everything reset to turn 0 without having to build a new team…

Just start over and pick the same team? You dont loose any of your items. Its no different than some how resetting the turn. Its the only way.
Pick a new team, start over at zero turns and you still have EVERYTHING you gained up tot hat point.

Why would you lose Kim? Do you not own her, or are you using the free rotating character Kim? I don’t think you can get the tutorial party of shadow Lords back, that was a one time deal. Other than that you just click " assemble new team" and you pick three characters from the cast you already own. If it’s a matter of not owning everyone I would recommend saving a little money and get the ultra combo breaker package so you are entitled to everything. Except for shago and Kilgore, they are separate.

Okay… Let me put it this way: I started the first run and got Kim Wu because that was part of the story… AS PART OF THE STORY, even though i currently do not OWN kim WU, do I still get her at the beginning? if not, then Assembling a new team is Not an option because I want that part of the story to happen

Who do you own? Because once you beat Gargos, your only option is to assemble a new team. No amount of resetting or uninstalling or whatever will change that. All of your consumables and guardians carry over, but that’s it.

Now, you have a chance to get Kim Wu in the story again, but that’s probably a long shot. You could just as easily get some other character to want to join your team. That happens in virtually every playthrough.

But if you’re looking for Kim Wu specifically, the only way to GUARANTEE that she’s on your team is to buy her.

Dude, just buy Kim Wu and Season 3.

Why cant you get her again by making a new team? all you are doing is starting over…the same exact piece of the story can happen again.

I have no idea if that’s possible or not, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone ask about doing so before. Maybe @rukizzel can shed some light on if this can be done

Worst comes to worst, start up a new team with whoever you have, and look for the randomly appearing recruitment missions to add Kim or whoever else is available to your team.

It isn’t the perfect solution, but unless there is a way to completely rest your Shadow Lords progress, it might be the only option.

to directly answer the why I want Kim Wu Question, Blame Iron Galaxy. They went through the trouble to establish her as an integral part of the story early on. Had they not done that, this topic would be completely irrelevant and I would have simply built a new team. But they did so here we are.

Well, Kim’s story and background make her that type of character. She is a VERY integral part of the story, and she deserves to be as such. She is actually the one Destined to stop Gargos.

As for the reset, I don’t think you can reset the tutorial. I would just save up and buy her, so she can be on your team forever! You can get her in Shadow Lords as a teammate, but thats a luck of the draw thing. She’s a very interesting character, and very fun to play!

Trust me. :thumbsup:

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why not just by her like everyone else that plays video games… pay to play?

I have no money to buy her with…How many times do I have to make that clear to you people who APPARENTLY refuse to READ???

I read it all… didn’t see that. Well… save your money and buy the game. go trade in some old games.

Gaming is a hobby… it takes money to support hobbies.if you cant afford it then maybe gaming isnt priority?
Your only options are 1. buy the game… 2. start over and try to land that quest again.
There are no other ways.

Good luck

As far as I know, there is now way to reset the data like that. If you “assemble a new team”, you are going to loose Kim. That being said, you can always get her back by playing the mode. There are missions where you can recruit characters to your side, and you’ll be able to do that with any character. The only catch is that it is random when the missions pop up, and who you can get at any given opportunity.

I thought you could only get certain characters during a SL play through. For me I always encounter the same characters to join and they are Cinder, TJ, Jago, Aganos, Orchid, Aria, and Kan-ra, at one point or another I got Fulgore and Riptor but that’s pretty much it for me.

I figured it was spread among them all. I know I’ve seen Kim multiple times (I avoid her), thunder, Hisako, Tusk, Wulf, and others beyond the ones you mentioned.

Have you tried making a new account and use it?

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