Starting a new character

Hi there!

I’m thinking about starting to play a third character (after Fulgore and Arbiter).
But as KI is full of great characters I don’t know which one to pick :smiley:

Of course I have some ideas, but I would like you to give me your opinion.

Omen: cuz’ I like his air mix ups, energy balls shield and footwork.
Kim Wu: cuz’ I like her dragon’s kicks and frame traps.
TJ combo: cuz’ he’s all about power rushdown and tricky resets.

I like mix ups and resets basically, but I don’t have a great execution and i’m far from being a great player, so “average” stuff is ok to me.

So if you have any suggestion to help me making that choice, I would be glad to read it!



Pick Omen. Always cancel stuff into heavy orda shield and cancel into shadow orda shield to make it safe and continue pressure. You will get meter.

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kim wu, she has anti airs, dragon counter and mix ups beyond compare.
her shadow dragon kick move does a lot of damage.

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It’s all about how do you like to play.
If you like balanced players like Fufu and Arbiter, you should take the character with the same similarities as your main.

In my opinion, depends of your previous fav characters, i’ll suggest you:

-If you want to change gameplay, play Omen.
-If you like characters like Fulgore/Arbi, play Kimmy.
-If you like rushdowns, play Combo.

As i said, it’s all about what you want to try.
If you want a different gameplay character, or if you want the same etc.

Thank you for your answer.

I guess each character’s fans will tell me to pick the one he likes ^^

I like balanced characters yes. If I don’t play Jago, as a balanced character, it’s because it reminds me too much of Ryu from Street Fighter (which is on purpose i guess). And I have played enough of him.

I think I will give kim a try to start.

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Jago lol

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Kan Ra because…reasons :smiley:

You really can’t go wrong with any of the characters onestly. Tey have good mix ups and so on. Try playing each of those three for awhile and see which ones ya like the most.

I main Cinder, Fulgore, and Riptor myself ^ - ^

Out of the three you have suggested, I’d say Omen is the best choice to cover Fulgore and Arbys bad match-ups.


I will have a hard time choosing which between Omen and Kim Wu :smiley:

They look both so cool! Damn… I love that game so much :smiley:


So… last night I gave a try to both of them.

I have to say that I prefer Kim Wu :slight_smile:


Great. I play Kim to.

Which character don’t you play anyway :smiley:

Aria and aganos.

How about Chief Thunder?

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Sadira was a character I didn’t expect to like. She’s definitely a mind game queen and creates fear in her opponent

I only wish i had 3 slots for shadows. She’d definitely b there

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I would say for the sake of understanding more types it might be a good idea to get someone like Glacius or Kan-ra as your next character. Understanding different types of characters makes you a more well-rounded player, and will help you to understand how those with different tactics work better.
For example: My 4 best are Jago, Shago, Fulgore, and Glacius, with Aganos trailing close behind. It has given me a wide variety of playstyles to choose from, so I am pretty good at figuring out just about any character’s shenanigans.